SEO explained – 20 quick current factors

What is the most important SEO for any website owner but more particular for small and medium businesses?

Things constantly change at Google as mentioned in our previous newsletter titles SEO Information / News and every now and then things change more drastically.

Francois has written a book and dedicated a website to the topic of SEO or Search Engine Information , see .

For those business owners who might not understand what SEO is . SEO is , quoting from my book Relevant SEO 2014

“SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization and it involves things you can do on your websites as well as things which happen off your website. By linking your business Facebook page, your Google+ account to your website you are busy with off-site SEO. By working on quality content on your website, you are busy with on-site SEO. If you get the on-site SEO right you are more likely to succeed with off-site SEO. People will regard you as a quality resource on a specific subject and will link their websites to your website. The more important those people and websites are, the higher the value search engines place on the inbound link. It is similar to publishing a book and getting an endorsement by a respected well known person, or similar to producing a movie and mentioning in the press or on the DVD cover, what the New York Times said about the movie. That’s how search engines see it. “

As I am typing here I am busy with on-site optimization by adding content to my own website on the topic of SEO which is important for most small or medium business owners, our target market. (This article can also be read on my business website

As discussed in my book the real problem for many small and medium business owners is time and money.

If you are reading this then you are investing time in understanding the topic which is a step in the right direction.

I wrote the book to answer the all important question ” How do I get my website on page one of Google ” .

But let’s pause a bit and let me summarize the most important SEO.

1.) You need to have a website in the first place if you are a small and medium business owner.
2.) Your website and website text should contain those words and search terms you would like to be found for.
3.) Your website need to be complete and informative on your specialist subject field
4.) You should consider the cost of investing your time in order to employ SEO as a marketing strategy
5.) Don’t complicate things. To understand the competitive nature of your industry simply Google for searches you want to be found for and see the quality of the websites on the first pages.
6.) Backlinks are important. You can ask people in your industry to link to your website if the industries are related. If they are clients or suppliers who is happy with your services they should have no problem to link to your website. You can also buy links from directories such as Yellow Pages.
7.) Make use of free tools like Google Webmaster / Google my business / Google Analytics
8.) If you can honestly say that your website’s content is unique, fresh and of the best of a certain topic then you have done your bit and then you can realistically expect Google to view you the same over time.
9.) Make sure your website’s links are all working.
10.) Regularly blog / write newsletters if you can. Make it a habit by using your newsletters to stay in touch with potential clients.
11.) Use everyday language and keep things natural. Use the words which your clients use. They will use those words when doing searches.
12.) Continue religiously to build and develop your frequently asked questions section on your website. You typically answer questions from potential client in your everyday walk of life. Look at your email inbox and outbox for a rich source of content for the faq section of your website
13.) You need to have a userfriendly CMS website which you can update easily yourself. You do not want to wait for webmasters or pay webmasters each time you want to make a change. You need to get a website from Kwikwap and Buddy Web Design.
14.) Text on images can not be read by search engines. Vanity has a price. When using fancy graphics and images with important text on your webiste Search Engines will not be able to read the text on the images.
15.) Websites specialising on certain topics do better than general all purpose websites. EG a wooden floor website will do better for searches related to wooden floors than most general contractors or handyman websites simply because the websites are topic specific and the number of times certain keywords appear is relevant to the total number of words on your website.
16.) Ensure your website works on all devices as more than 50% of searches happens with mobile devices.
17.) In certain industries you simply can not avoid using directories, specifically the tourism industry
18.) Advertising with search engines like Google can be much cheaper than SEO when your time is viewed as valuable.
19.) Use photographs of you at work/your business place to describe what is happening on the photograph. It’s about the opportunity to ad text to the website and not only about having a pretty website.
20.) Be creative and make Youtube videos of your product and services. It’s free platforms and is also regarded as quality content.

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