SEO For Musicians: 6 Best Ways To Promote Your Music


Guest post by Maryn Mcdonnell 

You probably have dropped quality singles in recent months that are enjoying airplay, but your online presence is dismal. It is frustrating, especially when you need online visibility to promote your concerts.

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization, which is the art of making your content visible to search tools such as Google. Content that is optimized ranks high on organic search results. This post will guide you on how to market your music using SEO strategies.

Find and use the relevant keywords

It is imperative to find the most appropriate keywords for your type of content. Research for keywords that fans use to search for your music, such as popular artists or hits. After finding the keywords, use them in the metadata on your website and content. Include synonyms of the keywords to cover the variety of search terms fans are likely to use.

Optimize your website

If you don’t have a website, create one because google prioritizes content from the artist’s official site in its rankings. You will then need to prime your website with metadata that increases traffic.

  • Meta descriptions help internet users to get an idea of the type of music you create.
  • Title tags are the headlines that the search engine will find when users search for content.
  • Headers are titles that separate different sections of a post on your website.

It is advisable to use an analysis tool such as Google analytics and Spotify for artists to prime your content. Make sure that you update the website frequently because Google crawlers prioritize unique content when ranking webpages.

For a musician, unique content may include posting snippets on different issues and linking new songs on YouTube.

Ideally, you should look for a reputable website hosting agency that improves site speeds and guarantees 99.9% uptime because all those improvements will be worthless if the website is inaccessible.

Enhance Fan engagement

Most fans look for new ways of interacting with their favourite artist or music content. Therefore, keyword optimization should involve creating content that enhances fan engagement. 

One way of attaining this objective is by updating your site with the latest and most relevant content related to your brand. You can also write blog posts that engage fans on the most controversial or famous lines in your song. 

For best results, create new pages for every event and new music releases. The page should be optimized for all searches related to the event or music.

Optimize for mobile

5Research indicates that around 63% of music searches happen on mobile devices. Moreover, the Google algorithm favours content that is accessible on mobile. Make sure that all the content can load quickly on mobile devices. 

You can even create an app for that particular song or album because Android favours Apps in its rankings. There are several tools for optimizing your site for mobile, but you can start by checking if it is mobile friendly.

Create Backlinks

Backlink is an SEO term which is a powerful way of improving the rankings of your site. You can generate backlinks by making guest posts on popular music sites, soliciting mentions from influencers on social media and YouTubers.

It also helps to hire a digital marketing agency because they can use their vast network to generate references to your site. By getting mentions in their press releases, blog and social media posts, your rankings will improve much more than just relying on your limited network.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is only second to Google in terms of queries, so it helps to have a strong presence on the channel. The channel will attract fans to curated content and direct them to your affiliated sites. 

You can optimize your channel by using YouTube search tools to determine what fans are looking for and updating it to provide sought after content. Make sure you provide playlists because Google favours channels with such lists in search rankings.

Final words

SEO music marketing is a long-term commitment that requires musicians to ensure that all their content is relevant and consistent with the latest developments. Digital marketing for musicians is a daunting task, but you can always hire a digital marketing agency to optimize your content. You may frown at the cost and demands it imposes on you, but it is a worthwhile investment.

Maryn Mcdonnell  is a creative content writer. She spends her days working closely with many entrepreneurs and creative thinkers from various fields. Her interests include travel, self-improvement, and technology. Find Maryn on Twitter @MarynMcdonnell

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