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Hackers Use Google To Uncover Social Security Numbers of 43000 Yale Students

Image: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML on flickr Liz Klimas What‘s the Oddest Thing Found at Gadhafi’s Compound? How About a Condi Rice Photo Album Cops Confiscate 2 Cameras at Ohio GOP Rep. Chabot’s Town Hall Mtg. Two Russian Bombers Caught Invading European Airspace Personal info of 43,000 Yale students, staff and alumni was hacked using...
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WordPress is Powering 14.7 Percent of Top Global Websites

Matt Mullenweg, founder of the WordPress web publishing platform, took the stage at the recent San Francisco WordCamp event to share the state of the WordPress union. A key figure: WordPress is now powering 14.7% of the top one million global websites. There’s more.  You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby A few more impressive stats:  22 out...
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What To Do When Your Brand Message Doesn’t Match How People Search

SEO is all about words. Which words people search with; how to use them; and where to put them. Choosing the right keywords is imperative to the success of any SEO campaign. Unfortunately, selecting these keywords isn’t always as simple as it would seem. Many B2B companies have very specific marketing and messaging philosophies that...
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Google agrees to forfeit $500m in Canadian drug ad case

By Chris Reidy, Globe Staff Search-engine giant Google Inc. has agreed to forfeit $500 million for improperly allowing online Canadian pharmacies to use Google advertising services to target US consumers, the US Department of Justice said today. At a news conference this morning at the US attorney’s office in Providence, Justice Department officials said that...
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HubPages CEO on Google’s Panda algorithm: SEO doesn’t work!!!

I met with Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages, and Jason Menayan Director of Marketing to talk about how the publishing site is dealing with the aftermath of Google’s major update to its algorithm, Panda, released earlier this year. Panda has caused huge problems for publishers because it cut off massive amounts of traffic in a...
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How to design a great landing page for WordPress

David Mercer How to design a great landing page for WordPress SEO marketing with hosted WordPress blogs Business blogging 101: How to deal with public reactions to your content There are three main aspects to any good marketing campaign: Drive traffic Convert traffic Analyze refine Obviously, without the ability to get eyeballs on your content,...
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Help Your SEO Ranking: A Three Part Series

Robert Provencal | Aug 21, 2011 | Comments: 0 Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO) used to be something you thought about after a website had been running for a while with lower than expected traffic volumes to the site.  That is no longer the case.  SEO has finally gotten out of the specialty category and...
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In the same week that WordPress announced that the blogging platform powers 14.7 percent of the top million websites worldwide, WordPress also sent out an email to users asking them to change their passwords, amid a lax in security. The email pointed to a security fix that has caused user passwords to to be...
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How To Expand SEO Campaigns Globally

No borders — that was the promise of the Internet. Perhaps some search marketers have forgotten. Search marketing companies such as Covario and IgnitionOne have developed international strategies to support expanding paid-search practices. Now, more search marketers want to localize search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. So Optify has created a guide to get started. The...
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22 percent of active domains in the United States run WordPress

Caleb Garling August 19, 2011 Social Media Web WordPress now operates within 22 in every 100 new domains in the US. I am currently typing in one of the popular and widely-used publishing tools on the internet today: WordPress. In sea of content more and more dominated by short-form tools like Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr,...
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