SEOPressor Chosen as the Mandatory SEO WordPress Plugin in 2012

Powering more than 15 million WordPress pages, SEOPressor remains the best On-Page SEO plugin in the market. It’s also been voted as the top 10 premium plugins by SitePoint.

(PRWEB) May 21, 2012

SEOPressor is in use on more than 15,000,000+ WordPress pages and is growing as web designers and blog owners find that it is the mandatory SEO WordPress Plugin for 2012. Not only does it help users outrank 90% of other websites, it is the most robust set of SEO tools designed to work together in a way that even an entry level staff member can easily begin to utilize.

The creator of SEOPressor, Daniel Tan realized that many blog owners and website designers were struggling to rank high enough in the search engines to remain competitive in their online marketing and sales efforts. They needed a way to automate the search engine optimization that would allow them to attend to all the other requirements of running a business without taking years to study and perfect the ever changing requirements of competing successfully in the search engines. Therefore, Daniel’s years of search engine optimization expertise was used to create a plug-in that takes away the learning curve and actually makes the search engine optimization process not only easy, but fun to do.

“The reason why we are popular and now powering more than 15 million WordPress pages is because SEOPressor works. The product speaks itself,” explains Daniel Tan, “This WordPress plugin will allow to indicate the exact problems of your sites and correct those so, that the rankings will go up immediately. I believe that the SEOPressor I have made is going to become a mandatory plug-in into WordPress. Many customers have already reported immediate search engine rankings improvements when using SEOPressor. I do not doubt, by correct page organization you may also overcome the sea of competitors.”

Brett Nordin had this to say to Daniel about SEOPressor, “Daniel, you way over-delivered on this one. Although I would consider myself a pretty savvy SEO guy it takes way too much time to analyze every post and page. If you outsource, the issue of fixing mistakes becomes even worse. Now I can quickly assess the level of SEO on every page, make corrections and re-measure real-time. SEOPressor is a HUGE TIME SAVER and moves everyone closer to making money online no matter their knowledge level. It’s a no-brainer for people building microsites or doing SEO as a service. I feel like my on page SEO is under control and confident I can overcome my competitors. Thank you for everything, Daniel.”

Daniel Tan has also forewarned against using copycats or illegal versions of SEOPressor as few of them were reported to contain malicious codes that may hurt your site. As always, original is the best.

About SEOPressor: SEOPressor is a WordPress Plugin that was created by Daniel Tan in order to help internet marketers reach the highest potential of their efforts with search engine optimization for their websites. Months of development and close to $5,000 in investments went into to creating a plugin that is considered mandatory for WordPress users who are serious about winning the edge over the competition.

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