SEOPressor Publishes Latest Compilation of Google On-Page SEO Factors

Website publishers can now run through the ultimate on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors checklist published by SEOPressor to help increase ranking and traffic

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 23, 2016 / SEOPressor, a prominent WordPress SEO plugin that helps small businesses and website owners take maximum control of their WordPress SEO, has recently published a big content entitled Google On-page SEO Factors (Updated 2016). For all intents and purposes, this article acts as a response to the rising speculations of the death of SEO.

Denying the statement, SEOPressor instead publishes an entry listing 29 Google on-page SEO factors detailing various approaches that businesses and website owners can go about to optimize their content. The post is currently live on SEOPressor, where they actively release news and articles related to SEO, inbound marketing, and content marketing with the aim to help businesses and website owners move forward with their SEO efforts.

Founder of SEOPressor, Daniel Tan explains, “These speculations on SEO being obsolete is not baseless, but it is not entirely accurate either. Because what dying is not the practice of SEO, but exact keyword matching, links and other outdated techniques. SEO itself is still relevant and it’s the basis of how sites are getting ranked on search.”

Adding to this statement, SEOPressor hence set out to create a list of Google on-page SEO factors to document the changing face of SEO. Highly relevant on-page SEO factors were listed showing a trend of how Google is slowly shifting to the emphasis of user experience with new factors such as mobile-friendliness, readability, and redirection.

“There is a new sign in SEO and it is becoming more oriented to optimizing user experience. The core focus of SEO no longer lies in just technical black and white hat practices. SEO people must start to take the human factor of SEO into consideration, and that is creating great content,” adds Daniel.

Despite the highlights on the importance of improving user’s experience, ultimately, this list gathers all relevant Google on-page SEO factors in one place for the convenience of SEO practitioners. Likewise, these all-encompassing characteristics of SEO have also been taken into consideration and integrated into an available tool – SEOPressor.

This WordPress plugin provides an SEO score accompanied with suggestions and guidelines for writers to optimize their content. In order to provide the best SEO results possible, the plugin is also constantly updated to improve its on-page analysis algorithm with its recent update being SEOPressor v6.1 increase compatibility with PHP 7.

Empowering more than 27 million WordPress pages worldwide since 2010, SEOPressor is a prominent WordPress plugin scientifically engineered to provide maximum SEO guidance. This plugin operates through back-analyzing major search engines’ ranking algorithms and provides a proven solution that optimizes content to rank higher in search engines like Google.

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SEOPressor was developed when Daniel Tan found a growing fresh, internet marketers and businesses who are completely inexperienced in doing on-page SEO. Realizing how difficult it is to manually optimize on-page SEO without guidance and that outsourcing can cost too much time, money, and effort that usually produces shoddy results, SEOPressor steps forward as the mandatory WordPress SEO plugin for anyone to optimize on-page SEO effectively and efficiently.

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