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WordPress is the world’s leading CMS platform and many of our users were asking for a way to embed screenshots via shortcode.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 06, 2014

WordPress users have been searching for an automated website screenshot feature to populate their portfolios of websites and for other similar implementations. However, the capture and display of web page screenshots is not as simple of an undertaking as one might imagine. Creating screenshots of web pages is a tedious process involving the capture itself and then cropping and resizing, and uploading and embedding into a post or page.

Savvy WordPress users may have already known about WordPress’ own “mShots” service, but it was not customizable (one size fits all), had no guaranteed level of service, and did not offer support. Back in 2010, WordPress made the decision to deprecate the service, leaving many without any solution at all. As a result, ShrinkTheWeb became an ideal solution to integrate a proven SaaS (software as a service) with WordPress sites and blogs.

The ShrinkTheWeb integrations typically support PRO features, such as “Inside Pages”, “Full-Length”, “Custom Sizes”, and some support caching locally and other advanced features. The integration of these features results in a powerful mix that solves the task of automation.

When asked why he decided to create a WordPress integration, CEO, Brandon Elliott said,“WordPress is the world’s leading CMS platform and many of our users were asking for a way to embed screenshots via shortcode. So we went to work on their request and shortly after, published our WordPress plugin.”

Other WordPress plugins that have integrated the ShrinkTheWeb service include WP-Portfolio with over 84,000 downloads, WebPhysiology with over 43,000 downloads, and there are many more users who have installed other WordPress themes that rely on ShrinkTheWeb for quick and easy screenshots.

With over 8,400 downloads of ShrinkTheWeb’s own WordPress shortcode plugin and a consistent stream of screenshot requests, the wordpress community has come to rely on the simplicity and dependability of the ShrinkTheWeb service. The “Freemium” pricing model of the service seemed to hit home for the many WordPress users that still appreciate that wordpress itself is a free software.

About ShrinkTheWebâ„¢

ShrinkTheWeb offers a service to fully automate the capture and delivery of web page

screenshots. The company was founded in 2009 and has been a driving force in the emerging automated website screenshot marketplace. ShrinkTheWeb has always held fast to the idea that website screenshots will eventually become a staple of the Internet. They will become a commonplace replacement or enhancement to simply showing a link. They are the natural evolution to linking and referencing on the web.

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