Small Businesses and SEO – A Luxury or a Necessity?

This is an extremely valid question and one that doesn’t really have a definitive answer as such. But, having said this, it is also fair to say that any small business that has a website which they hope will generate them some revenue stream, it will almost certainly be a worthwhile endeavour to seek the services of SEO specialists.

It is natural that small businesses will have fewer resources at their disposal that can be utilised for online marketing campaigns but this isn’t to say that they won’t be able to achieve some extremely positive results for their website within their budget. A good team of internet marketing professionals will have the necessary knowledge and skills to tailor a target campaign that will help to yield results for small businesses.

Differentiating the Types of Small Businesses Online

First and foremost, an awful lot of small businesses will just have a purely informational site that has no capacity to purchase their products or services online. This type of website is extremely commonplace amongst small businesses as they don’t have the capacity to venture into the world of ecommerce at the present time. However, with platforms such as Magento and Shopify, it is becoming much easier for these types of businesses to take their retail efforts online.

In terms of providing SEO to a client who only has an informational site, there are still a variety of tangible benefits of doing this. In most cases, the small businesses with purely informational websites will have a retail shop or some sort of premises for customers to visit so undertaking an online marketing campaign can be instrumental in driving traffic to the website which will increase the company’s visibility and this will usually have a positive impression on footfall to their business premises.

The other type of website that many small businesses tend to have is a small but not well optimised online shopping facility. Having ecommerce capabilities but no site traffic doesn’t make much of an impression on a company’s sales figures so it is always worthwhile scoping out a team of online marketing professionals to establish the sort of services that they can provide from an SEO perspective to help increase the flow of traffic to your website and, more importantly, ensure that this increase in traffic converts into more sales for your business.

Both these types of websites that are commonly utilised by small businesses can benefit from an SEO campaign but it is important to set out some goals in the first instance and share these with the online marketing professionals whose services you choose to utilise as this will give them a target to work towards.

It doesn’t matter what type of website that you have and the goals that you hope to achieve – a skilled team of online marketing professionals will be able to work alongside you to help your website realise its potential. Most internet marketing and SEO agencies will also offer web design services, so it may well be the case that you will be able to kill two birds with one stone by making your site more appealing from a visual perspective whilst also simultaneously making it more SEO friendly and attractive to the search engines.

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