Spotted: AdWords reporting dashboards that can be scheduled & shared

Google is testing dashboards in AdWords Report Editor. Optmyzr’s Frederick Vallaeys noticed the dashboards on Tuesday.

After building tables or charts in the drag-and-drop Report Editor, advertisers can embed them to a modular and customizable dashboard. The dashboards can be edited, shared, downloaded as a PDF, and even set on a recurring schedule for sharing. A KPI widget and a text widget are available to include comments to accompany the reporting widgets.

The dashboard function only supports single account data at this point and is not compatible at the Manager Account (MCC) level.

Below are several screen shots Vallaeys shared with Search Engine Land.

This view shows the modular blocks in which the dashboards can be built, along with the text widget in use. Charts and tables can take up multiple blocks.

Here’s what the dashboard above looks like when completed. 

Dashboards can be scheduled to be emailed daily, on the first of the month or weekly. 

The test is quite limited at this point, so do not be surprised if you don’t see it in your accounts yet.

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