Start Fresh With New Year’s Day Google Doodle

Google rang in the New Year with a festive homepage doodle, but the search giant updated this morning with a New Year’s Day image that appears to show the logo’s letters getting an early start on their resolutions.

Yesterday’s doodle showed the Google “letters” dancing amidst confetti while wearing party hats, top hats, and the expected 2012 glasses. This morning, however, they’re on to more productive pursuits: the G is learning a new language; the two O’s are getting a little exercise; the second G is playing the guitar; the L is cracking open the first of several new books; and the E is left to clean up after last night’s party.

Yesterday, meanwhile, the link underneath the Google search box linked to Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 video. Today, the link takes you to a page that helps you “add a little Google” to your new device—from making Google the default search engine and joining Google+ to downloading apps from the Android Market and Chrome Web Store.

“It was busy but fun, 2011!” Google’s doodle team tweeted last night.

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Google created 260 homepage doodles in 2011, some of which appeared for residents of specific countries and others that showed up globally. PCMag rounded up our favorite U.S. doodles of 2011 recently, including those that honored musician Les Paul, actress Lucille Ball, and puppeteer Jim Henson. For a roundup of New Year’s doodles since 2000, see the slideshow above.

The doodles have proven so popular that Google recently opened up on online store via that sells merchandise adorned with the doodle of your choice. Pick up a mug featuring Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. How about a tote bag with the doodle for photography pioneer Louis Daguerre? Or a t-shirt celebrating Google’s 13th birthday? Pick a logo and Google will affix it to the product of your choice—from $11 for a mug to $60 for a custom skateboard.

Now through Jan. 4 at 11:59pm Pacific, Zazzle is offering 20.12 percent off all purchases for those who enter “2012NEWYEARS” at checkout.

For more on Google’s doodles, see the slideshow below. Also check out PCMag’s Google year in review.

For those looking to start fresh in 2012, meanwhile, see 10 Ways to Clean Up Your PC and Digital Life, as well Tech Predictions for 2012 from PCMag analysts.

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