Start winning at SEO with this easy-to-use software

What’s the number one key to business success in the digital world? A spiffy logo? Nope. An in-office frozen yogurt machine? No (but it wouldn’t hurt). 

Ask any expert and they’ll tell you that it all comes down to a strong online presence. Your company has got to be the first one people see when they Google your name or your industry.

To help you reach such high-profile heights, and send your website traffic into the stratosphere, there’s SERPstash Premium. It’s a cloud-based collection of essential SEO tools, all of which are simple and easy to use. It will help you learn how to boost your rankings and it’s currently on sale: Pay just $29 for a lifetime subscription.

SERPstash breaks down the normally confusing art of SEO into three ridiculously simple steps: 

  1. Identify competitors and keywords

  2. Research backlinks

  3. Audit your page to find opportunities for improvement. 

To help you accomplish that holy trinity, you’ll have access to 21 awesome tools, including top search queries, indexed pages, robots.txt, sitemap analysis, Alexa rank, and much more. You’ll even be able to test whether or not Google considers your pages “mobile friendly,” which is pretty vital considering more than half of web traffic occurs on mobile devices.

Grab a lifelong subscription to SERPstash and ensure top billing on every Google search. It’s normally a $500 buy, but today it’s subject to a 94% discount, bringing the price down to just $29. Considering most SEO services like Moz run at over $100 a month, you’ll want to take advantage.

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