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Gail Eddy, Nederland.  Do you have a WordPress website? I’ve recently noticed an uptick in the number of attempts to access our website from random IP addresses around the globe.  I’m confident that our site is secure, but I’ve been wondering how secure YOUR website is.  Many times, when we set up a new site on WordPress, we use the login “admin” because it seems easy.  The problem is that someone who might be trying to hack into your account will try that first.  If you have a less-than-secure password, BOOM, they are in!

Here is a list of common User ID’s.  If you are using any of these, you should change them immediately:
*  Admin
*  Root
*  Test
*  Guest
*  Info
*  Adm
*  User

I’ve talked about using secure passwords before.  Most recently I provided some tips to create a really strong password, but, WordPress goes one step further, giving you an option to let them create a really strong password for you.  Use their tool!  Then write it down, or save it in a secure file.

You spent a lot of time creating your website.  What would happen if your site was hacked? Remember to back it up so that if the worst happens, you spend minimal downtime. This online article reviews the seven best WordPress backup plugins:
Let’s stay safe out there!

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