Telikom PNG upgrades PPC-1 cable, Gerehu satellite station in time for Apec Leaders’ Summit

Telikom PNG has announced the upgrade and migration of services on its PPC-1 cable link between Madang and Sydney to increase international internet traffic from 6 Gbps to 10 Gbps. It said a similar upgrade has started at the Gerehu satellite Earth station to enable another 6 Gbps of international traffic by October. Both efforts are preparations for the Apec Leaders’ Summit in November.

The upgrade will be jointly undertaken by DataCo and Telikom PNG, who are both subsidiaries of KTHL. They indicated that the expected gain would be equal shares of the 10 Gbps capacity to enable the parent company to fully utilise its assets. 

Telikom PNG acting CEO Xavier Victor praised the joint effort, stressing the need to increase the capacity of the PPC-1 cable link considering the preparations for the Apec Summit, where increased capacity for international traffic would be required by APEC participants and organisers. Victor said the current total capacity after a recent upgrade on PPC-1 in May stands at 6 Gbps and based on internet usage required for Apec delegates, it was estimated that the required bandwidth for the November leaders’ meeting would require up to 4.5 Gbps capacity.

Dataco PNG chief executive Paul Komboi said the firm’s interest was to ensure KTH got a return on its investments. Komboi said DataCo already had a number of wholesale customers with commitments for the upgraded capacity, which came with special promotions for the Apec period and were awaiting the completion of these upgrades.


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