The Benefits and Potential Pitfalls Using Adwords to Market Your Business

Could Adwords be the digital marketing solution your business has been searching for? Check out this straight-forward run down of all the pros and cons, and decide if using Adwords to promote your business is a smart move.

You urgently want to increase your visibility and increase traffic to your website, but you aren´t sure what the best strategy is. Should your digital marketing campaign focus on SEO keywords, try a google business listing, or spring for paid Adwords?

If you´ve been in the marketing game for any length of time you probably know how to effectively use SEO to increase your search engine rankings, but Adwords is a less commonly utilized tool. Reading up on the benefits and potential pitfalls of using Adwords can help you decide if taking the risk could be worth the pay off for your business!

The Benefits of Using AdWords for Business Marketing

You may be concerned that using Adwords is a waste of money, but here are some definite pros to consider:

  • You don´t have to wait for it to work, AdWords is instant. As soon as your ad goes live you could be generating sales or leads instantaneously! For the business that has no time to waste and needs to garner attention ASAP, this is a big bonus.
  • Perfect for the control freak: Love scheduling your media marketing blasts down to the minute? With Adwords you have the power to decide all the important stuff: when, where, how much, and to whom. If you do your homework and know your customer, you hit them very strategically with an Adword blast.
  • Be first, guaranteed! For the right price (unless there is a bidding war), you can secure the number one spot and viewers will see your ad first.
  • All about conversion: Adwords are everywhere! If a customer saw it on one site, but did not click, they are likely to see it crop up again on another page. The repeat visibility can boost your conversion rate and you could see an increase in return on investment.
  • If you have a strong strategy, Adwords can keep you competitive with other businesses that might otherwise overpower the market with their online presence.
  • Success is in the numbers: if you tracking data on the success of your digital marketing strategy, you will love Adwords! Every aspect– from click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per click, and more- is completely measurable. This allows you to streamline your marketing strategy and stick with what is resonating with your consumers.

Pitfalls of Using Adwords for Business Marketing

  • Complexity is a problem. There is a reason that there is a sizable amount of confusion about marketing with Adwords- it is not simple or easy. If you are DIYing your own business marketing, or have a friendly but inexperienced intern, Adwords is probably not for you.
  • Adding to the confusion, Google is known for throwing in unnecessary features into the Adwords packages. Users find that, more often than not, these turn out to be more of a distraction than an added bonus.
  • It takes time to develop the right set of specific keywords for success. Broad keywords will not yield positive results with Adwords.
  • Google is striving to give customers the most accurate search results that it possibly can. This requires not only your selected AdWords but also the keywords used on your business landing page to be as relevant as possible.
  • Adwords can be a complete money pit! Unless the account is set-up and constantly monitored by a skilled marketing expert you will lose money on this investment. Proper management of Adwords account takes time and expertise. Many small businesses set one up but fail to keep up with the operations required for it to be a return on investment.

Bidding on Adwords is tough for several reasons. First of all, follow up time can have a serious delay if you’re out on the job when a makes and inquiry or emails for a consultation. If you don’t reply to them quickly, your conversion rate is going to suffer.  The more often this occurs, the more your investment in Adwords is flushed down the drain.

Conversion and tracking return on investment is also difficult if your business does not operate solely out of an office or online. For example, in the lawn and landscaping industry, lots of purchasing is done offline. This makes it hard to discern exactly how much revenue and profit you earn from a customer to a click.  Getting an accurate calculation of your return on investment can be almost impossible!

Before you commit to pumping energy and money into an Adwords marketing campaign, weigh the pros and cons. Consider joining a platform, such as Wikilawn, to boost customer recognition and acquisition within your industry niche. Other effective alternatives include growing your number of positive online reviews and focusing on upselling current customers. Before you commit to pumping energy and money into an Adwords marketing campaign, weigh the pros and cons!

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