The Google Doodle Gets Animated With Adorable Critters for Mother’s Day

Google is honoring moms of all species with this year’s adorable Mother’s Day Google Doodle.

The animated logo replaces the “o” of Google, first with a swan and her cygnet, before morphing into a cheetah and her cub. The coral, orange and yellow doodle next becomes a rabbit and her kits, before finally transforming into a mother and her flower-toting child.

“Happy Mother’s Day from every cub, chick, pup, joey and kid,” reads a sweet message below the logo, on Sunday.

The Google Doodle team creates over 2,000 doodles for varying homepages around the world, according to their blog.

This year’s doodle was designed by Olivia Huynh, who opted for the watercolor texture of the image because she felt it “comforting and familiar.”

“Today’s Doodle represents the universality of familial love,” Huynh wrote on the Google Doodle blog.

“Thank you, moms, for bearing us,” said Huynh, “and bearing with us, every step of the way.”

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