The Google Webmaster Tool significance in SEO

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Integrating analytics to your search engine optimization campaigns is a major step that you can take in order to magnify the results of your SEO digital marketing system. Among the most valuable analytic tools in the industry today is the Google Webmaster Tool that has become the apple of the eye among the SEO pro and newbie alike. Not only is the tool very comprehensive in its SEO analytic features, it is also a free analytic package perfect for any digital marketer who has the goal of optimizing their search results campaigns. Here are the basic and valuable features of the Google Webmaster Tool that will be very useful for your SEO campaigns.

The Google Webmaster Tool significance in SEO

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SEO pros view the Webmaster Tool of Google as the most valuable analytic tools that a webmaster should never dispense in using. The tool comes loaded with very useful SEO analytic tools that almost all search engine optimization companies in Atlanta use to enhance their efforts in digital marketing and web design and development concepts. Because it is created by the major search engine Google, the user has the best advantage of deriving the benefits of using the tool which is optimized for the Google search results:

  • You can optimize your keyword SEO by delivering reports regarding the most searched keywords in Google within a particular industry that you can use for your inbound and outbound SEO marketing.
  • Access to the most valuable SEO metrics and data that will be relevant to the specific aspects of your marketing campaigns.
  • Obtain better insights regarding the indexation and crawling activities made by the search engine algorithm to your website.
  • Improve your link building campaigns using the analytic data regarding the incoming and outgoing links to your web pages.

The integration of the Google Webmaster Tool to your SEO campaign can deliver benefits in assessing the five major aspects of your website performance namely traffic, labs, optimization, health and configuration. These are important metrics that are integral in keeping your website’s competence to be competitive and in keeping your website relevant for search.

Setting up and verifying your Google Webmaster account

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The first thing that you should do is to create an account when you don’t have one yet. It is highly recommended to have the same account for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool in order to easily integrate the data obtained from them. Another benefit of using the same account for these SEO tools is you can dispense with the process of verifying your website from your Webmaster Tool account which involves the embedding of a code to your website server or website header. This can be a meticulous process for some. By selecting the Alternative Method tab to verify your website ownership, you can integrate your Google Analytics account in order to instantly verify your website.

Filtering important Google Webmaster Tool SEO features

1. Search queries

The following are areas of the search queries that can deliver you important metrics to help optimize your web pages more particularly in giving traffic and keyword data that are significant to your SEO campaign:

a) The impressions section

This will give you an insight regarding the number of visitors who view your site based on a specific keyword search and which specific web page content on your site are frequently viewed.

b) Query metrics

Keywords that rank your site on the search results are revealed using this section of the Webmaster tool. You can use the keyword in order to optimize your web content and web pages for keyword SEO that has a significant influence to your search engine results page (SERP).

c) Click through rates

This reveals the number of clicks made to your web content. If the data signifies small number of clicks you may want to consider reviewing and improving your Meta description to your web pages. Your goal is to make your content relevant to search queries. You may also include call to actions that are strong enough to boost the Meta tags that can attract search users to click on your site.

2. Search keywords

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Using keywords is indispensable in any search engine optimization strategy. This section on the Webmaster Tool delivers you keyword resources that is are far more comprehensive that the keywords that you can extract when using the Google Analytics tools. The keyword report available includes the click through rate, the number of clicks and the average search position for each keyword. This section is very helpful when your goal is to track down organic traffic to your site and you can use the keyword information to boost your keyword search rank in Google.

  • Find keywords with a high search rank but with a lower number of competitions.
  • Use your keywords across your web pages and throughout your Meta tags.
  • Keywords should not be overused to avoid spamming. Keep the keyword density at least 1– 5% based on the number of words to your content.

3. Refining your web page keyword performance

An alternative feature that you can use instead of searching for the best and appropriate keyword from the Search Keyword feature of the Google Webmaster Tool to use for your SEO campaign, you can take the reverse direction by using the keywords you are already using to your web pages for Google ranking.

  • Add your target keywords to the Rank Tracking Tool.
  • You will find information regarding your target keyword’s traffic and competition.
  • Exploit the data that you can obtain in order to identify which of your web pages keywords have the highest potential in driving traffic to your site.
  • Optimize your web pages with the highly performing keywords.

4. Google Authorship

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If you want to obtain more traffic and recognition from the search engine it is crucial to work on your Google Authorship. While this section is a new feature found on the Webmaster Labs, you should use this feature if you include content marketing as part of your SEO strategy.

  • Connect your guest post submission to your Google Plus account.
  • Optimize your profile information to your Google Plus account to provide relevant information about your business. Make sure to add your image for better trust rating from your readers.
  • Track down the search statistics of your guest posts.
  • Improve your author rank by publishing high quality and relevant articles that are associated to your Google Plus profile.

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