The New Economy Asks: "Is SEO Dead?"

LONDON, ENGLAND–(Marketwired – Oct. 8, 2014) – Since search engine optimisation (SEO) emerged as a marketing method 16 years ago, analysts have claimed time and again that it is on its last legs. However, here we stand in 2014, and still SEO is as potent as ever. But there have been changes. In the new issue of The New Economy, we take a look at how a wave of new algorithms has rendered traditional SEO tools redundant and made the practice more difficult.

The New Economy special report takes into account comments made by SEO pioneer Jill Whalen on the supposed demise of SEO and finds that, while criticism of the tools has increased, there is plenty of life left in it yet. “These are exciting times in the industry, despite Whalen’s assertions SEO has evolved beyond needing to be managed manually,” says the report. “Immortal”, “evolving”, SEO is anything but dead.

As well as our special report on SEO, the autumn issue of The New Economy is packed full of features on technology, energy, business and strategy: Jules Gray looks at a catalogue of failed infrastructure projects and the reluctance on the part of politicians to push through vital schemes; Sandra Kilhof explains how competition among oilrig manufacturers is on the up; and Rita Lobo examines the special effects industry, how it has changed, and what it can bring in money and jobs.

To read any of these articles and a range of others, take a look at the new issue of The New Economy, available in print and online.

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