The Real Team’s 1950 Packard

The Real Team's 1950 PackardThe Real Team’s 1950 Packard

If you’re looking to add a bit more luster to your blog, have a look at the entries of the latest #madREskillz entries: They were chock-full of ways to jazz things up.

Sellstate Regency Realty said that while 80 percent of people read headlines, only 20 percent actually click on them. The takeaway: Make your headlines sing.

But you may not want to allow wit to trump SEO. Rob Wachter recommends creating landing pages that are location-based. (Headlines saturated with targeted locations would improve such pages’ SEO.)

Regardless of the copy you post on it, your blog should always feature captivating images. That’s why an agent with a blog should always be an adept photographer, Boston Real Estate tweeted.

Still, serving up compelling copy is essential.

Pederson Properties offered an example of engaging content by tweeting a how-to post for enhancing curb appeal. Zach Seybold’s post on home renovations and Ryan Lundquist’s video post on a hoarder house are two other tacks to take.

And if you want to bring content to the digitally savvy, consider taking Smith Associates’ approach. They’re planning to launch an iPad magazine soon.

“This will be a great way to connect to the community,” Katherine Dobbins tweeted.

Had your fill of blog tips? Then we’ll leave you with a marketing idea for the real world.

Parade around town in a 1950 Packard, like The Real Team. “It’s our daily driver around town and people flock to it,” The Real Team tweeted.

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