This New Trick Will Change How You Use Google Docs Forever

Google’s making it easier for everyone — especially power Google Docs users who spend their days in the company’s office software — to quickly start new projects right from the Chrome browser.

In a tweet a Google account, the company announced a new list of shortcuts to create documents, slideshow presentations, spreadsheets, sites, and forms right from your web browser. The best part? It works in any browser, not just Google Chrome.

You can type,, or in your web browser to make a new Google Doc, just like you would type a website address. Use,, or for new Google Sheets. or will open a new Google Form. Make new Slides with,, or,, or are for making new Google Sites.

It’s a cool trick, seemingly made possible by Google’s registration of the “.new” generic top-level domain (gTLD) in 2014 according to records found on the IANA, the organization responsible for managing top-level domains (.com, .net, .pizza, etc.). It looks like Google assigned a bunch of “.new” domains to web apps in its G Suite, redirecting them to the proper app. TIME has reached out to Google about the new generic top-level domain, and whether its status as a generic top-level domain means the company will sell “.new” domains to customers of its Google Domains site.

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