Top 10 PPC Marketing Hacks for Email Marketers

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and those who are familiar with email marketing and PPC marketing know how it works. The user clicks on an ad, and the person who posted that ad gets paid according to every single click he gets on the blog or the website. PPC is one of the most popular ways to make money online, and it has helped many people earn a fortune, but with time, and more people penetrating into the market, the value of one click reduced to a few cents and even less in some cases. Hence, the market got flooded with marketers who would simply put an ad in pay per click and try to earn money.

On parallel grounds, we have email advertising, where popular brands, firms, and businesses hire smart teams to invent lucrative and click-worthy advertisement, so that they can broadcast that ad in the email and more people would click it, the more money it will generate for the firm. Email marketing has been one of the most popular tricks for big firms and businesses since long, as people would pay more attention to the emails they received in their inboxes, instead of attentively clicking on the ad that appeared in one of the random websites they accidentally clicked on. Many hacks were invented to lure more people into clicking on ads and PPC email.

When a business has to market itself online and reach out to its target audience, it has many ways to do it, and email promotion, as well as PPC email marketing, are two of the most popular ways that brands choose.

There are many hacks to help big brands, market their product in more efficient manner, and they are:

  1. Optimize your Quality Score – It is important that you have a high-quality score on Google AdWords to appear in top searches and to get a good ranking for greater visibility. Google awards high quality-score advertisers with a low pay per click, but higher position in the ranking, hence, your ad will be made available to more people.
  2. Be Emotional, Grab the Nerve – Once you have everything ready and once you are good to start, focus on writing something that is emotional enough to connect with your target audience, and grabs the nerve of people the way you want it to. Your content should not only connect with them on an emotional level but also stimulate their mind and their senses in a way that your ad becomes unforgettable for them you can always ask UK EduBirdy for help with writing. This is how most of the online things go viral in the first place.
  3. Focus more on creating Unicorn ads – Ads that connect to people on an emotional level, and stir a controversy are called unicorn ads. Focus on making such ads with controversial keywords, using phrases that people can’t miss clicking on, and luring them with something they are bound to connect with.
  4. Include Mobile Optimization – With more and more people migrating from the web to mobile, it is essential that you make your ads worthy of mobile clicks and more visibility on different devices. If you only focus on web, you are targeting less than half of your audience. You can exponentially increase your reach if you expand to mobile and allow your users to see your ads on tabs and other digital devices.
  5. Email Marketing – Only PPC isn’t enough, email marketing also helps in many cases. You can gather the email IDs of your target audience from your website or data forms that you hand them over to fill, and you can list out the people who fall into the age group you are targeting for a particular event or sale. Suppose you are coming up with a sale for children’s products, you can target the parents who have recently had children or who have small kids at home, and send them emails personally, with a customized message.
  6. Keep the messages personalized – When you talk to someone personally, using their first name and texting them about their area of interest, the person will read it with more attention, and he is more likely to pay a visit to your website or product. Automated and computer-generated products do not appeal to people as emotional messages do, thus, try to keep your messages concise, yet personal.
  7. Email Marketing vs PPC – There is a substantial difference when it comes to comparison between email marketing and pay per click marketing. Email marketing has a greater return on investment (ROI) compared to PPC, as every pound spent on email marketing returns almost 44 pounds back to the investor, which is a great deal. In PPC, you need to monitor and pay attention, or you will miss out on the money.
  8. Social Media Ads – One hack to get the maximum out of online marketing, whether email or PPC is integrating social media into it. When we talk about social media, we mean almost 90% of the population that uses the internet. Everyone uses Facebook, YouTube, Google and other websites and apps like Instagram, Snapchat, People who are online, using social media, they have time and energy to browse through a lot of content, so social media is the best place to put ads and market your product online. You can find your target audience more easily, by driving data from these websites and making your product reach the customer directly. It also leads to a higher conversion rate.
  9. SEO Optimization – Now, since every business is online, it is very difficult to keep yours distinct, unique and at the top. The competition is fierce, and it is going to get fiercer in future. There is no possibility that only one marketing hack or method can give you the reach and visibility that you desire. You might require, to combine more than one methods to reach out to the maximum SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most popular methods to make your content reach the right kind of people. SEO gives you higher visibility, more reach and helps you get to your audience quicker and more efficiently.
  10. Grab on to the First Mover Advantage – When we talk about first mover advantage, we do not mean going back to 1990s, when the Internet was in its conception stage. We mean, adapting to new features, new changes and new updates faster than others so that you get first movers advantage now. Many blogs and websites do not adapt to the changes Hence, you can always grab this opportunity and be the first one to introduce the new changes.

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