Top 8 SEO Tips for a Better Google Places Ranking

Is your Google Places page showing up at or near the top of local business listings in search results? If you answered no, then keep reading.

Here are my top eight tips to improve your Google Places page’s chances of being found by local searchers:

1. Get Verified
The first step to get your Google Places listing on Google SERPs is to get it verified. This can be done through Phone SMS, Phone Call or through mail. Google will send you a pin code which you simply have to enter into your Google Places account.

2. Add keywords to your business description, but not too many
Throughout the setup process of the Google Places page you can describe your business in up to 200 characters. While you should use your most important keywords in this section, don’t just stuff keywords in. Write a useful, compelling description that will appeal to readers and Google.

3. Use the right categories to describe your business
With the categories you have to play by Google’s rules a little bit – you need to choose at least one or two categories that actually exist. Start typing and see what Google suggests to you, then you will still get the chance to invent three categories based what you actually do.

4. Make the most of the ‘Additional Details’ area
Not only is this a great way to get some more details of your business onto the page, it is also a great place to insert some of those keywords that will rank well. Most people just don’t seem to bother filling this in – stay one step in front of the competition!

5. Get list in other online business directories
Listings of your business in directories such as,, your local city’s chamber of commerce, or a directory affiliated with your profession can help boost your Place page’s ranking.

6. Space out the time when customers’ reviews are posted
Google will smell a rat if your reviews appear all at once. This might cause Google to push your Place page down in search results. So make sure your customer’s post their reviews in a steady stream.

7. Don’t forget to add videos and images
While this isn’t going to be a huge help to boost your ranking, geo-tagged photos and videos in particular may give you a bump. You can add up to 10 photos and up to five videos for free and these may make your Places page more appealing to searchers.

8. Monitor your Places page statistics.
By logging into your Places page account every so often you will be provided with a variety of statistics to help you better optimize your page. This includes the top search queries that caused users to see your listing and how many clicks occurred to your website over the past week or month.

These are just a few Google Places page optimization tips you must follow in order to get good rankings, do you have any additional tips? If so, we would love you to share them with our readers below.

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