Top Questions to Ask When Selecting a PPC Service Provider

The competition in the digital market is fiercer than ever. Companies are looking forward to online strategies to get a better result in terms of search engine ranking. Better the online visibility, more the potential to earn greater profits.

Alongside SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies have shined in the digital arena. More companies are now incorporating PPC strategies in their operations to create a reputation of their brand. But it is not easy. It takes skill and dedication to understand it thoroughly.

Rather than focusing on the PPC aspect by yourself, one must hire a PPC service provider. By asking the right questions, a company can hire the right PPC service provider.

Here are some questions that you must ask to acquire better PPC insights:

Are they Google certified?

The largest PPC service till now is Google AdWords. It is highly recommended to choose a Google AdWords Certified Partner and if working with a certified company then make sure then the employees are individually certified. Google is unquestionably the leader in the area of PPC and using AdWords will give you campaign an additional edge over others.

Do they offer free assessments?

A good PPC management company provides free assessment and recommendations for an existing campaigns and the potential costs for a new campaign. The service must be competent enough to understand the nature of your business and form the strategies accordingly. Also look into other important aspects like the track record and the outline about where the money is being invested. It is highly important for the agency to understand your needs and demands.

How long have they been providing services?

Experience counts a lot in this field. Optimization of a PPC campaign and generating leads efficiently is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, skill and dedication. Therefore, there is a high tendency of an experienced strategist being competent rather than agencies who have just entered the digital market. Look into their experience and the companies they have worked for and then choose the best option.

How do they measure success of their PPC campaigns?

Success is basically measured by conversions. It is important for the provider to set up mechanisms to track conversions. The consultant must work with you to figure out what to measure and then provide instructions to the webmaster accordingly. Google Analytics is one of the free programs. Make sure your consultant is familiar with it to determine success rates.

How will the money be distributed?

It is essential to know how much your PPC service provider will be spending towards each PPC channel. It partially depends on your budget but it is dependent on the provider as well to some extent.


In the end, it is your money that is being used. Any consultant must be respectful of this fact. A PPC service provider who honestly and happily answers the questions above must qualify to your short-list.

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