Google Home can now talk to your tulip

Flowers are hard to talk to. You tell them about your day, you read them poetry, you complain about the ineffectiveness of the political system, but all they do is just kinda stand there and do nothing. Well, no more. Google Tulip is a new service that lets Google Home communicate directly with tulips.  SEE...
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Google goofs by accidentally leaking new Nest Hub Max smart display

Google made a big goof today when, in what seemed like a relatively minor update to the connected home section of its online Google Store, it accidentally leaked the existence of a new Nest product. In the image, captured before it was taken down by Android Police, you can see Google touting the benefits of...
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Google Is Conducting a Secret “Performance Review” of Its Censored China Search Project

The existence of the Dragonfly review committees has not been disclosed to rank-and-file Google employees, except for the few who have been evaluated by the committees because they worked on China search. Fewer than a dozen top managers at the company are said to be looped in on the review, which has involved studying documents...
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Exclusive: Google partners to fund new local media sites

“Everything we do in this space tends to be open-sourced learnings. Our business models are not attached to these efforts. There’s no requirement in any of these experiments that the partners use Google advertising tools.” — Richard Gingras, VP of news, Google Details: The first effort within the new Local Experiments Project will be ‘The...
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Pinterest’s IPO filing shows how powerful Google has become

<!– –> SEARCH QUOTES Tech Pinterest on Friday released its IPO prospectus, and the document shows just how much leverage Facebook and Google hold over internet companies. Like many websites and apps, Pinterest allows users to sign into its service using their Facebook and Google credentials. The company relies on traffic from Google’s search engine...
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A complete list of every product Google has ruthlessly killed

About the author Mark Wilson is a senior writer at Fast Company. He started Philanthroper.com, a simple way to give back every day More Article source: https://www.fastcompany.com/90322103/a-eulogy-for-every-product-google-has-ruthlessly-killed-145-and-counting
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Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules

The different rulings haven’t had a big impact on Google’s financial health — Alphabet’s revenue last year was $137 billion — but they have forced the tech giant to adjust some business practices. After the Android ruling last year, Google began charging handset makers to pre-install Gmail, Google Maps and other popular applications for Android...
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Looks like Google’s thinking about a folding screen of its own

A recent patent application filed by Google suggests the search giant is experimenting with foldable display technology, similar to the panels seen on the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold. The filing, spotted by Patently Mobile, describes a method for constructing an OLED panel that can be bent repeatedly and used in a “modern...
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Everything we think we know about Google’s mystery gaming announcement

Google is making a big play in gaming next week, but we’re still unsure exactly what that entails. For years, the company has toyed with the idea of getting involved in what is now the biggest sector of the entertainment industry, worth an estimated $138 billion dollars as of last fall. And it would make...
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Google is reportedly shutting down its in-house VR film studio

Google is shutting down its Emmy Award-winning VR film division, Spotlight Stories, after six years of building out content, Variety reports. We’ve reached out to Google for confirmation. “Google Spotlight Stories means storytelling for VR. We are artists and technologists making immersive stories for mobile 360, mobile VR and room-scale VR headsets, and building the...
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