Local SEO: 10 Tips for Ranking in Your Area

Any business of any size can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). Geo-specific optimization in particular can make a small investment go a long way, as well as ensuring more relevant people click through to your pages. For example, “plumber in London” or “offices in Oxford” will be less competitive than simply “plumber” or “office...
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SEO Behavior: Click-Through Rates Drop Per Search

Studying user behavior through click-through rates highlights the importance of ranking among the top 10 positions in Google search engine page results. But how much do CTR behavioral patterns influence search engine optimization campaigns? As keywords increase their positions in the SERPs. can companies expect more visitors on their sites? A study released Monday from...
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SEO Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Alan Dunn Having a website is an integral part of business today however achieving search engine rankings takes much more than just building a pretty site with pictures. Only a few short years ago a couple pages and some relevant keywords may have propped your placement up pretty high but today only the lucky few...
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Is IT in Your In-House SEO Circle?

As we all entrench ourselves into the current “circles” mania, it’s important for in-house SEOs to add IT into their “SEO Circle.” But how? Traditionally, marketing-IT relationships are tumultuous, with both having differing viewpoints on how things should get done. Sometimes it even feels that marketers and IT folks operate on different planets. With roughly...
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SEO Developments You Need to Know About

Much of the Google talk lately has been centered around Google+, the company’s new social network, and with good reason. It may have a significant impact on how Internet users use other established social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even StumbleUpon. However, it is still Google search that drives the majority of web traffic...
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Web Wisdom: Top Ten Signs of Poor SEO Technique

13 Comments Independent retailers are at the mercy of the web designers and search engine optimization (SEO) consultants they hire. Why do I say this? As someone who has extensively studied SEO methods and attempts to stay up-to-date on how the Internet is changing, I must report that there is a lot of hot air...
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New domain structure could challenge the SEO industry

Starting in 2012, corporations and municipalities will be able to buy specific domains (for example, .webimax, versus webimax.com) at a price of $185,000. The purpose of this move is to add personalization specific to the originating source, and help classify genres of websites into consolidated groups. But it could cause difficulties for search engine optimization,...
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SEO is More Alive Than Ever

SEO may be a bitch, but it’s not dead. I wrote last month about my love/hate relationship with search engine optimization. It’s absolutely true. Most of what I don’t love about this space is running an agency (the business side of it). Shortly after I published my post, I came across a brilliant piece by...
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SEO Responsibilities During Past 12 Years

In every industry job responsibilities change throughout the years. Rand Fishkin shows us how SEO job responsibilities have changed and increased since 1999. He looks at accessibility, keywords, link building, and search verticals. Large-scale industry shifts in the classic SEO model during the past two-and-a-half years have made the greatest impact, he writes, pointing to...
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Willful SEO Aversion and Truly Reprehensible Journalism

<!––> It’s an occasion when Paul Ford publishes one of his abstract, funny, pleasingly resistant to the understanding, often absurdist yet somehow clear-eyed essays on the sketchy corner where technology and media intersect. He’s one of the rare media writers for whom it’s worth putting everything down and finding his stuff, which will most likely...
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