Tweaking Image Compression In WordPress And Other Handy Tips

Seasoned web developers know there’s more to WordPress than a blogging platform and if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, you can tweak it enough to do just about anything. Smashing Magazine’s Daniel Pataki has been around the block with this flexible collection of PHP scripts and has come away with quite the collection of tips.

You don’t have to pull WordPress apart to get the most from it — often plug-ins can handle a great deal tasks not included in the base installation. But sometimes there isn’t anything available to do exactly what you need.

For example, changing WordPress’ default JPEG compression setting, which Pataki shows is very easy to accomplish. It’s set to 90 per cent normally, but photographers wanting to present their work artifact-free, without killing their bandwidth with PNGs, can up this value to 100 per cent.

I’m also a fan of custom database queries, another tidbit Pataki points out. All you have to do is call the get-result() method of the $wpdb object, and you can input any SQL you want. While it’s recommended you use WordPress’ provided objects to get data on posts, comments, etc., nothing beats going face-to-face with the database.

If you’d like to read up on Pataki’s other tricks, hit up the Smashing Magazine piece below.

Powerful WordPress Tips And Tricks [Smashing Magazine]

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