Two firms with binding bids on geothermal development in Greece with PPC

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Alexander Richter
7 Jun 2018

Helector SA, a member of the Ellaktor group, and a team comprised of Terna Energy and sister company Terna Aioliki Xerovouniou SA are the only two companies – of initially six – submitting binding bids in second round tender for a geothermal development partnership with PPC Renewables in Greece.

About 12 months ago a tender was announced on a strategic partnership to develop geothermal resources in Greece was announced by PPC Renewables, as we reported.

So while there was great interest in the first round in the international tender with a total of six teams then expressed an interest, it is now reported that only two groups actually submitted a binding second round bid. The tender staged by PPC Renewables for a strategic partnership in the installation of power stations to utilize four geothermal fields, now saw two bids by Helector SA, a member of the Ellaktor group, as well as a team comprised of Terna Energy and sister company Terna Aioliki Xerovouniou SA.

The deadline for the second round offer expired on June 1, 2018, as reported by Energy Press.

First round bids were submitted by, Enel Green Power Hellas, France’s Storengy, KS Orka from Singapore, as well as Zorlu-Turboden, a Turkish-Italian joint venture, and the two companies with their second round bids, Helector and the Terna Energy-Terna Aioliki Xerovouniou team.

PPC Renewables is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the main power utility in Greece PPC. The company now plans to swiftly move forward on a partnership agreement with the parties.

Under the partnership, PPC Renewables wants to develop two geothermal power projects on the island of Lesbos, sized 8 MW and 5 MW at each of the other locations. The company plans to launch an exploratory drilling program at its own expense quite soon, running at the same time as the ongoing selection process for a strategic partner for those projects.

With likely local opposition to these projects, PPC Renewables aims to inform the public about elements of the planned development.

Source: Energy Press

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