Using Redirects Can Impact Google AdWords Quality Score

If you have recently undergone a URL structure change, or recently changed to HTTPS, make sure that you are also fixing the destination URLs in your Google AdWords ads.

It came up in a tweet specifically about HTTPS, with Jon Diorio of AdWords advising advertisers to ensure if they have switched to HTTPS, that they update their landing page URLs to HTTPS, for those sites that have switched to secure in anticipation of the Google Chrome change that will mark all non-HTTPS pages as not secure.

#AdWords friends, PLEASE make sure your Final URLs use HTTPS.

Diorio also says that using redirects can also impact your quality score for the landing pages as well, since it delays the time it takes for the page to load as redirects are processed, especially on sites that are on already slow servers.

And using 301/302 redirects slows things down which can impact your Landing Page Experience score (read: #QualityScore)

So if you have recently changed URLs, for swapping to HTTPS or for other reasons, make sure you have run an audit on your AdWords ads as well, to ensure that the actual landing pages are the correct URLs and not redirected ones.

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