Want a WordPress Job? Move to Delaware

If you’ve got WordPress web content management skills, move to Delaware. You’ve got a great chance landing a job. Seriously, you do.

WordPress managed hosting provider WP Engine discovered in a WordPress jobs report Delaware takes first place for WordPress careers per capita. Utah and Vermont came in nearly tied for second place. Utah has recently seen a boom in its technology sector, report authors found, and Vermont is now home to more tech startups.

Get WordPress-ed

OK, so you don’t have to move to Delaware if you want to deploy your WordPress skills. Nor do you have to become a Utah Jazz fan or expert skier on the slopes of the Green Mountains. But there’s certainly not a drought for WordPress jobs there — or anywhere, really.

The message — get busy getting WordPress-ready in your CMS design and developer skill set.

“WordPress is so big, and yet not only growing, but growing as a percentage of the Internet, and thus there’s no lack of work,” said Jason Cohen, CTO and founder of Austin-based WP Engine. 

Cohen suggested those looking to deploy WordPress skills get adept at a few specific themes and plugins. You can mold them to the purpose at hand, he said.

“Go deep with a few rather than wide with many, so you can create excellent websites,” Cohen said. “Often there are 10 or even a hundred themes which all could solve the problem, so being expert in a few will result in better outcomes.”

Inside Findings

WP Engine researchers analyzed 5,729 job postings on Indeed.com containing the term “WordPress” and 21,300 freelance resumes on Elance.com containing the term “WordPress.” They also looked at US Census Bureau state and city population data to find the per capita frequency of WordPress jobs.

What else did they find?

  • Is Seattle the new Silicon Valley? You’re most likely to find a WordPress job in Bellevue, Wash.
  • WordPress developers are making more than $60,000 on average
  • WordPress dev jobs are 50 percent more common than designer positions
  • Santa Monica, Calif. registered second among US cities for WordPress jobs per 100,000 residents at 32.4
  • Water and WordPress mix? Five of the top 10 cities for WordPress job openings are on the West Coast, four on the East Coast
  • Northeast rules: New York (0.9) and Massachusetts (0.8) ranked first and second, respectively, for top states with WordPress designer job openings per 1,000 residents
  • New York also led in developer jobs (1.5)

“Seeing the actual domination of a marketplace is a rarity,” Cohen said. “WP has actually continued to increase its dominance as a CMS platform. While this reinforces many of our decisions, it can still be surprising to see the gap widening.”

WordPress — It’s Everywhere!

In the WP Engine report, WordPress job openings surfaced in 49 out of 50 states. 

“It was amazing to see how the need is literally across the country,” Cohen said. “This confirms that this is a technology movement, a publishing movement that goes way beyond a piece if technology.”

What generally is the perception about WordPress by enterprises? Cohen called the view of open source CMS still relatively new in the view of traditional enterprise companies. 

“Overall, large, established organizations and the people in them look hopefully at the ease in which content is created and updated throughout an organization on the WordPress platform,” Cohen said. “They are starting to explore this opportunity for them. Media companies and consumer brands are leading the momentum and change. Large agencies are vital in the thinking about CMS platforms and how brands become publishers.”

The numbers don’t lie. According to builtWith, WordPress dominates the Web CMS landscape, powering 47.09 percent of the world’s CMS. The rankings report had “other” CMS technologies coming in at 27 percent, and Drupal ranked third at 14 percent. Adobe CQ takes home the fourth spot at the moment (4.44 percent).

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Simpler Media Group, 2015

Article source: http://www.cmswire.com/web-cms/want-wordpress-job-move-to-delaware/

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