Want to know the secrets to cashing in on Google AdWords? Find out for $12.99

It’s an exciting time for digital advertisers and brand managers. Late last month, Google rechristened its massively successful advertising platform Google AdWords as Google Ads.

While the adjustment heralds some change, the name simplification really just helps clarify AdWord’s ever-expanding capabilities. When launched back in 2000, Google AdWords was simply an outlet for running text ads in Google search results. Now, Google Ads covers advertising across the entire Google family of outlets, including not only Google and Google searches, but all their affiliated websites and apps like Gmail and YouTube.

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With all that reach, knowledge of Google Ads and how to take advantage of their power has never been more vital for anyone trying to amplify a digital message. You can now wield that knowledge like a master with the training from The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 2018. It’s currently over 90 percent off — just $12.99 — from TNW Deals.

This course includes over 70 lectures featuring more than 18 hours of content that unlocks what Google AdWords does and how you can best use its tools in your service. The training walks you through the account setup process, how to compose killer ads and the importance of keywords, Google search rankings and ad groups.

With the basics down, your instruction lays out a step-by-step guide for creating a fully optimized Google-infused ad campaign. With this plan, you stand the best chance of reaching the high quality traffic you seek, along with analytics to help you track your performance, correct mid-campaign and ultimately get the most from your digital ad buys.

These goals for success on the world’s most powerful ad platform is a $199 value, but by grabbing this limited time deal now, it’s the price of a carwash: only $12.99.

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Article source: https://thenextweb.com/offers/2018/08/23/want-to-know-the-secrets-to-cashing-in-on-google-adwords-find-out-for-12-99/

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