What Brand is Tops with Small Business Owners? WordPress, Alignable Index Says

Winning the trust of small businesses is not always easy, but one brand that seems to have succeeded is WordPress. According to the new SMB Trust Index, WordPress is the most trusted brand for small businesses, with a Net Promoter Score of 50 in Q2 2016.

Languishing at the bottom of the list are Web.com (-62 NPS score) and Yelp (-65 NPS score).

Most Trusted Brands

Other brands that have scored big are email marketing company MailChimp (46 NPS score), Google (46 NPS score), and online payment gateway Authorize.Net (45 NPS score).

What’s worth noting is that these companies have consistently emerged as the most trusted brands among small businesses. MailChimp’s popularity however has dipped a little since the last quarter of 2015 when it had posted an NPS score of 48.

On the other hand Web.com has seen a further decline, dropping to -62 from a -61 ranking in 2015.

While revealing the rankings, Alignable CEO Eric Groves said in an official release, “We’re thrilled small business owners feel comfortable sharing their sentiment towards SMB brands on Alignable, in ways that help other business owners make great decisions and succeed.”

All About Winning Trust

The report highlights the need for brands to establish a following of loyal business owners who can defend the company when negative comments appear. Interestingly, this holds true for the small and mid-sized businesses as well.

For small business owners, building a base of satisfied customers can play a big role in gaining new customers. Happy customers are the most reliable brand ambassadors companies can afford. That’s why small businesses should focus on keeping existing customers happy so that they can spread the word and bring in more business.

“It’s really all about dialogue — listening — and if these people are carrying your torch, thanking them for that and rewarding them in some way that makes them feel good,” Karen Post, president of Tampa, Fla.-based Brain Tattoo Branding shares with Entrepreneur.

About the SMB Trust Index

The SMB Trust Index is a quarterly survey based on a ranking method called Net Promoter Score. The index comprises over 9,000 ratings from business owners across the U.S.

In order to be included in the SMB Trust Index, brands must receive at least 25 ratings. NPS scores are only shown for brands with 50 ratings or more.

The SMB Trust Index is conducted by Alignable, a Boston-based platform for local businesses.

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