What is Google AdWords? How does Google Ads Work?

Everyone uses search engines; that’s why search engine advertising, or SEA, is so effective. Google Ads is one of the most popular search engine advertising methods and should be an essential part of any company’s online marketing strategy.

What Is Google AdWords?

Try searching for something on Google; the first few results will probably be ads. Google Ads are targeted advertisements that appear when users search for specific words or in chosen categories.

Google AdWords is what’s known as a pay-per-click service; companies are charged every time someone clicks on the ad. This advertising model is extremely flexible in price and can be an effective way to reach interested customers.

Google Ads is one of the world’s largest digital advertising markets. A Google Ads campaign can reach as much as 80% of internet users across the world. A well-developed campaign will place an ad in front of most members of the target audience.

Because Google Ads can be completely tailored to fit a company’s budget and audience, the service has become an essential element of modern digital marketing. A great Google Ad will find the right customers, generate leads, and increase the company’s online reputation.

How Do Digital Google Ads Work?

A Google account is required to use Google Ads. To set up an ad, marketers need to have text for the headline and description, keywords and terms that customers might search for, and a target geographic region.

Once the ad is created, Google will display the ad on relevant search results. Whether or not the ad is displayed depends on the location of the searcher, the relevance of their search, and the amount left in the advertiser’s budget.

Each campaign will be displayed in terms of potential impressions and potential clicks. Impressions are the number of people who might see the ad, and clicks are the number of users who are expected to click on it. Although they don’t create immediate leads, impressions are an important part of a company’s long-term marketing strategy.

Creating a Google ad is easy, but crafting an effective ad requires skill, expertise, and market research. Companies who target the wrong keywords or geographic region could end up paying for traffic without generating valuable leads. Effective copywriting techniques will also encourage the right viewers to click on the ad.

Google AdWords Trends in 2019

In 2018, Google Adwords rebranded as Google Ads. This change came with a host of new features that have made life even easier for the professional sea specialist .

One of the most valuable features is the new Audiences option. After creating a campaign, users can select specific audiences, topics, and categories for the campaign to target. When used in conjunction with well-chosen keywords, Audiences can help marketers direct a campaign towards exactly the people who need to see it.

Another important modern trend is to optimize ads for customers who are using voice search. Try implementing question and answer formats or investing in longer keywords that the audience is likely to use.

The best practices for Google Ads are always changing, which is why every company needs a great digital marketing agency on their side. Team Nijhuis can help you develop a PPC marketing strategy that sends interested customers directly to your website; get in touch to learn more.

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