What is missing in your Google AdWords real estate ad campaigns?


Setting up an AdWords account is easy and it won’t cost you anything until you make a campaign and start PPC marketing.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2019 / EINPresswire.com / — Honestly, it doesn’t work the way many realtors do. They fail miserably in generating leads even after pulling all the strings and investing huge sums on keywords. The results leave the realtors scratching their heads to learn how to make Google AdWords work for real estate.

Setting up an AdWords account is easy and it won’t cost you anything until you make a campaign and start PPC marketing. But it is difficult to get expected results without a comprehensive PPC plan for success.

For PPC, you’ll head straight towards Google AdWords and start campaigns by setting an account and assigning a budget to it. But for real estate PPC, you should start with getting your site ready to receive visitors and generate clicks. It is starting with the tail end that is your site and working backward that is towards the Google AdWords.

Working backward would ensure that the visitors find what they are looking for and it would result in quick leads that qualify for sales. Let’s understand the backward lead generation process in detail.

The landing page

You’ve the homepage of your website to link to your PPC ads but you won’t because the PPC ads are very specific and the homepage content doesn’t match the ads. But it isn’t going to get any leads and also it will adversely affect the ad quality score of your PPC campaigns.

We’ll target a specific area to set an example for understanding the value of a dedicated landing page. Let’s set the PPC for the city you specialize in. It could be New York City. For PPC, we’ll work on the phrase New York City homes for sale. We’ll create a page for this neighborhood and provide comprehensive information about the real estate options available there and why you are the right real estate dealer to buy properties from.

Also, it will become the keyword phrase that you will set for real estate PPC campaigns to draw potential leads.

The Call-To-Action

The PPC would bring potential buyers to the landing page but it won’t help, if they don’t provide their contact information. What we can do is to prepare a detailed New York City property report in PDF format. We’ll make an interesting case by including the latest data of the property price and the latest trends in the New York City real estate.

The visitors would be asked to sign up to download the PDF report and they will do so because we’ll make the report useful for everyone interested in New York City real estate.

The PPC campaigns consultant

We’ve got a keyword phrase to target and also our website is ready with a landing page to welcome the potential buyers. We know what the real estate buyers are looking for and we’ve a call-to-action plan to get their contact details. We’re ready to start PPC and count clicks that qualify for leads.


We’ll do something different that your competitors are unaware of. They’ll go straight to Google AdWords without having a detailed plan for real estate ad campaigns. But our certified Google Adwords expert a definite plan to make Google AdWords work for real estate. Working from the tail end, we can achieve success in real estate PPC.Birendra Kumar
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