What is PPC Advertising?

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The abbreviation ‘PPC’ is a shortened version of “pay-per-click”. This is a model of digital marketing. Advertisers using this type of advertising pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on. Basically, it’s a way of purchasing people’s visits to your website as opposed to trying to earn those visits in an organic fashion.

Search engine advertising is, without a doubt, one of the most popular forms of PPC. This is because it allows advertisers to bid for the placement of an ad in a search engine’s sponsored links.

These links appear when someone searches for a keyword that is related to the link. For example, if a PPC software company bids on the keyword “PPC software,” their ad might appear on the very top spot on the search engine’s results page. Facebook offers a similar type of advertising offers.

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

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For ads to appear next to a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), advertisers are not able to just ‘pay more’ to ensure that their ads appear more prominent than those of their competitors. Ads are subjected to the Ad Auction. This is a process which is entirely automated that Google and other major search engines make use of to ascertain the importance and validity of advertisements which appear on their Search Engine Results Pages.

Why choose the Google Display Network For PPC?

The Google Display Network lets you place your ad in front of the right person, at the appropriate time and on the relevant sections of applicable websites.

Benefits of choosing the Google Display Network

It is possible to choose between a variety of ad formats. These include:

  • Text-based ads,
  • Image-based ads,
  • Ads for mobile, and
  • Ads in video format.

Tailor-make your ads to make sure that they reach an audience of your choice. The topics targeting feature allows you to put your ads on a website that is associated with your chosen topics. There is a selection of pre-made ads which you can select and customize. Alternatively, you can opt to build your own ads. The automatic bidding tool automatically determines the budget for your ads. The budget is set to guarantee that your ad achieves the maximum number of clicks for the lowest cost. Reach and frequency reporting permits you to track and map the performance of your ad. It enables you to discover how many people your ad reached as well as how many people clicked on it.

How Keywords Work in PPC Ads

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The Ad Auction is characterized as a bidding system. What this means is that advertisers must bid on the terms and phrases that they want to cause their ads to be displayed. These terms are called keywords. Say, for instance, that your business specializes in camping equipment. A customer wants to purchase a new sleeping bag might enter the keyword “camping equipment” into a search engine. This is so that they will be able to find retailers offering the item that they want.

When the user makes their search query, the search engine does complex algorithmic calculations. (The Ad Auction is based on these calculations.) This process determines which ads are displayed, in order, which advertiser’s advertisements get preference. As it is necessary for you to pay for each click on your ads, it’s imperative to bid only on the keywords which are relevant to your business. This is so you can be sure to get ROI from the money that you spend on your ad on digitalschoolofmarketing platforms.

A keyword tool can help you to select the correct keywords to bid on which are both likely to drive sales or conversions. In addition, this type of tool will help you find keywords that are not prohibitively expensive.

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