What to do When Anti-Virus Blocks your WordPress Blog?

Blocking is different from hacking when it comes to WordPress blogs.

However, there are times when the blocking could be due to hacking by third parties. At times, the antivirus that you have installed on your machine (server) could be the cause of the blocking. The reasons that make a WordPress blog or site more vulnerable to hacking include the following:

  • weak passwords and usernames
  • theme bugs/plugin bugs
  • failure to update the WP core as well as themes and plugins on time
  • hackers who love doing their thing on WP sites

The first time you notice difficulties with opening the WP blog, panicking should be your last reaction. It pays to be calm and avoid taking any rash step. Next, you would have to clean the machine/server. You have to rerun the antivirus while not forgetting to update everything. Now, it would also be good to log into the hosting account that you use and confirm with them all that is happening. Check if hacking is the cause of the site’s blocking or not.

What other measures should you take?

  1. Changing the FTP password
  2. Checking the machine for Trojans and viruses

It is also advisable to ascertain that the two main causes of WP’s vulnerability concerning some of the antivirus (such as AVG, Avast, Norton, and Bitdefender) in the market today are not responsible for the blocking. It would be great to hire an IT expert to look at the machine and identify the exact causes of the vulnerability, which tends to be the local network or machine and the shared hosting provider.

If the local machine or network is responsible for the vulnerability, keeping everything clean and updated would work wonders. Running a full malware as well as an antivirus scan on a Windows machine, and this is where the Microsoft Security Essentials come in handy, is renowned for helping resolve the mystery behind the blocking of the WordPress blog. Check that the antivirus remains up-to-date at all times to reduce the likelihood of such an event occurring.

Next, it would be good to check with the shared hosting provider. This is because of the likelihood that the hacking could have compromised a number of sites and has nothing to do with the installation of 360 Total Security or another similar antivirus that you undertook. If the blocking emanates from the vulnerability brought about by the shared hosting provider, this would indicate that you were not the primary target, which is a bit comforting.

Therefore, it is clear that when your site is unable to open and appears blocked, you have several options regarding what to do. Panicking is highly discouraged. Check if the two vulnerabilities mentioned here are responsible for the blocking. If you do not know what to do, checking with experts in the field of IT and antivirus would be a good move. Remember that the blocking can be undone, but only with the right tools and that too only by an expert.

Article source: http://neurogadget.com/2015/08/10/what-to-do-when-anti-virus-blocks-your-wordpress-blog/12141

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