When Designing Your Website, Keep SEO In Mind And Ask The Right Questions


So you’ve decided that your company’s website needs a complete overhaul. The design is outdated, it’s not good for the user, and conversions are lagging. On top of that, your Google rankings are not where you think they should be and your organic search engine traffic is suffering.

Therefore, you decide to hire a web design company to solve your problems. This company can bring your site to the next level, and get you a modern user experience which, in the end, will improve your business and its revenue.

At The Ocean Agency, we’ve been working in web design for more than a decade. Since our agency was founded back in 2003, web design has been our main specialty. However, we’ve become experts in SEO after being acquired by Logical Media Group three years ago.

Having the same company design your website as well as put together an SEO strategy can make the best of both worlds. However, you will want to be careful when hiring a firm to do both your web design and SEO, because many firms will attempt to separate themselves from the competition by showcasing that they are experts in both, when in fact they are only proficient at one.

Always do the proper research and ask the right questions to thoroughly examine your partner agency. For example, you should ask your web design agency about its philosophy, process and how long the project will take. When you’re searching for a website design company, be sure to ask is if they offer SEO services, and if so, what types.

Some companies say they do SEO, when in reality the only SEO they’re doing is installing the Yoast SEO plugin. This is a great SEO tool, but there is much more to SEO.

SEO all starts with keyword research: finding which keywords fit the page you’re looking to optimize. Keyword research doesn’t just include finding random keywords; it’s about finding relevant keywords for your site and getting numerous metrics such as search volume, competition and current ranks.

This is the blueprint for SEO. Once you have this, then comes the process of implementing them into your titles and on-page content. Then, it’s time to look at technical aspects of the website. Do you have a lot of pages that aren’t redirecting? Are there duplicate content issues?

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