WordPress.com REST API Transitions to v1.1

WordPress has launched version 1.1 of the WordPress.com API. With the transition to 1.1, WordPress has officially deprecated version 1, but there are no current plans to disable version 1. However, users should not add new development in version 1. WordPress has launched a number of new features in the recent past, many of which are powered by the API, and realized the need to version out version 1. Thus, WordPress has migrated to version 1.1, and all new development should take place in the new version.

The major additions that arrive with 1.1 include media and stats endpoint changes. Media endpoints now support uploads for all file types. If a file can be uploaded via a media explorer, a user can upload it via the API (e.g., PDFs, docs, PowerPoints, audio files). Media endpoint error handling now allows users to pull out only the files that failed. WordPress also improved Media endpoint consistency and response parameters, and users can now pass attributes (e.g., name and description) when uploading files without the need for a second call.

Stats endpoints also received updates. Users can now pull stats over multiple days without such stats being grouped into a single result. New stats include top comment authors and posts that received the most comments. Chartable data now includes likes and comments in addition to the existing views and visitor data. A new “streak” endpoint keeps track of posting goals.

WordPress version 1.1 offers a more expansive, more useful WordPress API that developers can build with. For more detailed information, visit the API docs. As WordPress adds more endpoints, the docs will be updated automatically, as will the Developer Console.

Article source: http://www.programmableweb.com/news/wordpress.com-rest-api-transitions-to-v1.1/2015/01/16

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