WordPress Introduces Version 3.8 With A Smooth New Template & Interface

WordPress has just released a massive update to its blogging software, making it more useable on tablets, faster-loading and aesthetically more interesting. Along with the new back-end updates, WordPress have released a gorgeous new magazine theme for you to try.

I have been using WordPress for years now, but my number one wish on my WordPress Users Wishlist was definitely not “make the dashboard orange”. However, I have to say that I love it. It’s a major overhaul, which will hopefully lure bloggers from other services over to the WordPress platform.

Of course the orange dashboard and the standard template are not obligatory, but you should definitely take a look. If orange (sunrise) is not to your liking, you can choose from other colour combos such as blue, coffee, ectoplasm (for all you purple lovers out there), midnight, and ocean. Just go to your profile settings to change the colour to whatever you want.

The layout is also uncluttered and spaced out, making it easier to find what you want, and making it easier to work with. It’s been redesigned to be fluid and useable on tablets and smartphones.

The Twenty Fourteen default theme really pushes the boat out to let you create a magazine website with new features such as favourite content at the top of the main page as a slider or a grid. You can also have widget sidebars on both sides of the page. The theme really is easy to use and a delight to look at. Of course, you can delve into the code and change the colours if you want to. Black is not everyone’s cup of tea.

WordPress is also introducing “vector-based icons that scale to your screen”. So by saying goodbye to pixels, pages apparently load significantly faster.

WordPress 3.8 is available for download and installation right now. Just go to the WordPress.org website or existing users can update from their dashboard.

Source: WordPress Blog

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