WordPress Stays Focused on Security, More Open Source CMS News

WordPress upgraded to version 4.5.3 last month with a security release for all versions of the content management system. But it quickly discovered a number of vulnerabilities.

A total of 17 bugs were found in the last three releases from this year, many of which allowed attackers to take over websites running on WordPress. And according to the latest estimates from BuiltWith, 48 percent of the top million websites globally run on WordPress. But popularity has a price: It is also one of the most hacked platforms.

Suffice to say, the newest update will focus on security and offer free encryption for customers running custom domains. WordPress 4.6 Beta 1 became available Thursday, with a full release coming Aug. 16. Expect multiple updates, including native fonts and editor improvements, to support faster load times and more reliable recovery.

In the meantime, test the beta version but be cautious: The software is still in development, so don’t recommend run it on a production site.

Now for other news in open source this month:


Get ready: concrete5’s Version 8 is on the way, with a preview version now available for testing. The new version will feature some developer updates, SEO improvements and enhancements to the dashboard and user desktops. It’s the community’s biggest upgrade in years and will be fully backward compatible, explained concrete5 evangelist Jess Dunbar.

Dunbar will be speaking at Social Tech Live in Miami July 16 and 17 in Miami. The conference focuses on social media and technology with tracks in technology, business and marketing. “I’ll be there for the entire event, so be sure to say hello. I’ll be equipped shirts and some swag,” she said.


Enonic XP continues to gain market share. “June 2016 marks a record number of new customer subscriptions signed in one month. Open source adoption is also thriving,” said CTO Thomas Sigdestad.

Enonic Market is also growing, with several new applications and libraries, including Social Macros App, Simple ID Provider and GeoIP library.

Just last week, the community released Version 6.6, with several major features and improvements including

  • Pluggable identity providers: to add authentication to your sites, simply by installing ID provider apps
  • Dependency widget gives you a quick overview of what’s connected to what
  • Pluggable editor macros: Create your own editor widgets or use third party widgets such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Name transliteration: automatically get nice URL’s with basic US-based characters even when using Cyrillic characters
  • Search improvements:more content is automatically indexed, including PDF and word documents

Enonic XP now claims to boot in five seconds on a laptop.


Hippo announced a partnership with Intershop to create personalized online shopping experiences. Intershop, headquartered in Jena, Germany, is a leading independent provider of enterprise solutions for omnichannel commerce. It serves more than 300 companies around the world with its solutions for modeling sales processes.Partnering with Hippo means that Intershop clients have direct access to Hippo’s content targeting and personalization capabilities.

Hippo also signed a partnership with Contentserv, an enterprise marketing management solution, to offer clients a more customized user experience and product information management capability.

Hippo continued its focus on the DACH region — Germany, Austria and Switzerland — with the opening of a new office in Oldenburg, Germany. The region is considered a prime place for strategic growth.


Registration is now open for Liferay’s Symposium, the community’s annual user conference. It will be held Sept. 26 and 27 in Chicago. Attendees will learn how industry leaders are using a customer-first approach to transform their business. Sessions will focus on digital disruption and strategy, analytics, omnichannel technology, integration and more.


Magnolia announced Magnolia Now — its cloud-based digital experience platform — and Magnolia Core at its seventh annual conference last month in Basel, Switzerland. Magnolia Now, which will be available in November, lets companies go to market faster, the company claims. Magnolia Now is managed by partners and comes with pre-installed connectors and modules for marketing and design teams.

Magnolia Core is now name of its existing enterprise CMS, which added a component level personalization standard available out of the box. Magnolia Core and Magnolia Now both offer Light Development, the Java-free way to customize the CMS via the front end.


Nuxeo closed a $10 million round of funding led by Kennet Partners. The funding will be used to expand sales in North America and international growth in Europe and Asia.

Nuxeo has seen continued growth since its last round of funding in 2013, with the US now accounting for half of the company’s revenues.

The company announced details of an integration with MongoDB at MongoDB World in New York City. The platform now supports MongoDB for content and data storage and lets developers test and build enterprise applications. Nuxeo claims this will improve scaling capacity and performance as the tool can support large repositories of complex content. Nuxeo also added support for MarkLogic(R) Enterprise NoSQL database as a storage backend.


OctoberCMS, a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework, has a stable release that can now be safely used for production websites.

Alexey Bobkov, co-founder of October, said many modern CMS platforms require an excessive technology stack, with knowledge that is not typical for the majority of web developers. “From a technical standpoint, many popular platforms are now obsolete. They can’t deliver the functionality and reliability required to create websites that clients are asking for,” he said

Although October is based on a modern framework, he said it is fairly easy to use, adding, “It implements simple ideas that have existed for decades. We are bringing the best ideas from the past into the modern era.”

October is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and Canberra, Australia. Bobkov, a Canadian, and Samuel Georges an Australian, created the CMS in 2014. They said it has already been installed more than 100 thousand times. “Today it’s the most starred PHP CMS repository on GitHub,” Bobkov said.


Sense/Net released its mobile application earlier this month for Android and iOS to offer document management features for the enterprise. With the app, users can add content from their device and view the document on-the-go. The app, which requires Sense/Net ECM 6.5.3+, also supports folder creation and file sharing.

Sense/Net held its first FedEx Day, a 24-hour event where teams created different solutions — like a tool for managing SCRUM sprints and another a tool for keeping track of permissions in Sense/Net.

A new patch was released for Sense/Net ECM 6.5, focused on making Active Directory Synchronization more robust and improving reliability of the whole system more reliable. The next major version, Sense/Net ECM: SN7, is in the works, with a new JavaScript-based survey editor planned.

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