WordPress update brings fingerprint scanner, better media library

For bloggers and websites that have a blog-type back-end, having a WordPress app on your mobile device is a requirement. And every time there’s an update to it, then it should (almost) always be good news as it will (almost) always bring new features and changes for the better. The latest update brings support for devices that have fingerprint scanners plus a better media library interface, and of course the usual minor fixes and improvements.

First off, if your device has a fingerprint scanner and is already running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then you can set it up so that it will unlock your screen without you having to enter your PIN code. When it comes to the WordPress media library, they have given the details screen a cleaner look and used the material design guidelines. They also said that they have a better interface for uploading multiple photos and video uploads as well.


When it comes to the minor changes, the update was able to fix some of the problems from the previous version, like deleting posts instead of moving to the trash, incorrectly asking Authors for their credentials, problems with opening some external sites from the app problem. They were also able to correct the problem of the disappearing avatars for those using the comments section.

WordPress is also offering those who want to experience the updates earlier a chance to become beta testers. You can request access to the beta build if you join their Google+ community. The update to the main app however is now available.

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