WordPress Version 4.3 Now Available: Here’s What’s New

WordPress has released version 4.3 of its content management system, which is now available as an update in your dashboard.

Version 4.3 comes with several new options for easier customization — the most notable of which is the ability to modify navigation menus in the customizer.

Using the WordPress site customizer you can create menus, edit them, move menu items around, and so on, all while live previewing your changes as you go.

New formatting shortcuts have been introduced, which includes things list using asterisks (*) to create bulleted lists and number signs (#) to create headings.

WordPress has finally added the ability to customize browser icons — those little square icons that appear in browser tabs. The company has also made its platform more secure, if you forget your password WordPress will now send a reset link instead of sending a new password direct to your inbox.

A minor, but no less important change will see comments turned off on pages by default. Comments will now be confined to blog posts.

With this update one of the most widely used content management systems becomes even more user friendly. The new menu customizer will no doubt make a lot of site owner’s lives easier.

Formatting shortcuts is a useful new addition, but it’s a curious decision by WordPress to not just adopt [markdown formatting](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown).

In markdown an asterisk is used to create italicized text, while in WordPress it’s used to create lists. These sorts of things may end up being confusing to WordPress users who religiously write in markdown formatting, but that’s just a small gripe about an overall sound update.

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