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Marketers are using YouTube for SEO purposes, and it’s getting fantastic results, according to an article from Digital Marketer.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 18, 2012

YouTube for SEO purposes has taken on a whole new meaning, says a recent article from Since Google owns YouTube, their close relationship influences the total impact a simple video can have on the entire Internet.

According to the article, the magic of YouTube is boosting online businesses with a better web authority through higher search results and more engaging content.

But how are marketers supposed to take advantage of this new powerful tool? The article said that Digital Marketer has published a Special Report devoted to teaching businesses exactly how to create, promote, and reap the benefits of an online video.

“YouTube Google Hack: How to Rank Any YouTube Video Number One on Google in Three Days” is a digitally-downloaded e-book jam-packed with information shining light on the path towards Internet video marketing.

The article said the Special Report will show marketers how to get traffic on YouTube based on the amazingly easy and self-generating Google search results. Google wants web browsers to visit their own site to view videos, and it knows how tempting a video can be when it appears at the top of its own results.

Also, the article said leads that originate from video content are five to ten times more valuable than those that come from boring, unoriginal text sales letters. A video, if created with care and attention to detail, can act as an optimized sales letter with moving pictures.

“YouTube Google Hack” will explain the entire process from start to finish, so marketers can take advantage of one of the most effective mechanisms in the online world.

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As long as it is based around a well thought out idea that is executed properly, a YouTube video can make miraculous improvements in a marketing strategy. Best of all, the online article said that all of YouTube’s features are free. Valuable marketing resources can be spent elsewhere, and the traffic generation produced from a YouTube video will continue to roll in.

When marketers are ready to learn the ins and outs of YouTube video creation, the article said they should get a hold of the Special Report from Digital Marketer. They will find out the best ways to use YouTube for SEO and be amazed at the end results.

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