4 Powerful Free CRM Integrations & Plugins for Your WordPress Site

If you’re not measuring your website or business’ performance, or keeping track of client interactions and relationships then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. As we grow towards learning more about social and business triggers, we realize that having valuable data truly is invaluable. Regardless of whatever type of venture you’re running online. This is the reason for Client Relationship Management (CRMs) becoming so popular in recent times and although the term is new to a majority of us, the term and activities have been around since the 90′s.

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Essentially, CRM refers to the art of using technology to synchronize activities and data from all departments in a business to better understand and relate to clients. It’s about knowing your customers, your readers and your audience. The more you know about your prospects and clients the better your position will be for developing successful strategies to monetize. CRMs ensure that you’re well equipped to keep track of this oftentimes overwhelming data.

With all the premium names in the CRM market like Salesforce and Insight.ly, there are still simple, yet powerful free solutions for the average user who wants to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to the open source WordPress ecosystem, here are 4 free WordPress CRM plugins to get you started.

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CiviCRM is developed specially for non-profits and civic-sector organizations for Drupal, Joomla and WordPress and is perfect for managing events, fundraisers and other types of campaigns. The developers have a closely knit community dedicated to making this software package free and robust. Regardless of its original purpose, the software is free to download by anyone with an interest in its use and building out their own tailor fit CRM solution.

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It’s a powerful software package out of box and is a great way to begin storing and keeping track of clients and your business, all within your WordPress dashboard. It also comes with useful front-end functionality for accommodating membership signups and receiving contributions.

You”ll quickly discover that CiviCRM is powerful not only for your online business but also extending your offline activities and other areas of your business or community.

Click here to access CiviCRM.


Leveraging WordPress’ basic user management system, WP-CRM allows you to manage lead generation and detailed contact information. With the use of customizable forms, the plugin allows you to edit and manage contacts from within your WordPress admin. Each contact record can be categorized by contact type and has a correspondence thread, so you can keep track of all interactions.

Download WP-CRM here.


The PauPress WordPress plugin comes with all the basics you’d expect from a CRM such as basic user detail management, form creation, the ability to create custom fields, strong client organization features, reports, bulk actions and data management. The plugin blends seamlessly with the WordPress interface.

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The developer version of the plugin comes with additional features such as MailChimp integration, e-commerce engine, user content submissions, membership and directory features and more. However, the basic free package is quite enough to get you started.

Download Paupress here.

WordPress Leads

The WordPress Leads plugin will probably be the most user-friendly and complete solution for the WordPress lover as it works in conjunction with WordPress Landing Pages WordPress Calls to Action to create a powerful free lead generation system for your website. It’s a feature packed solution that comes with everything you’ll ever need from a basic CRM.

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The plugin integrates with 75 other email marketing service providers and premium CRMs, Google Analytics, offers powerful reporting and client analysis tools, track page conversions, visual form builder, lead synchronization with other systems, search functions and detailed client info. A complete all-in-one.

Download WordPress Leads here.

All the plugins reviewed come with excellent community support to help you get started with better managing client and business data.

If you haven’t already developed a system for client management, now is the time. And if WordPress is your website platform of choice then it’s now easier than ever to manage your business centrally.

This article originally appeared on BloggingPro and has been republished with permission.

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