A comparison of Facebook and Google ads auction platforms

Online advertising is the new way to generate new customers. Many people are familiar with Google Adwords, and it’s a common system to use for online advertising. However, Facebook ads are now taking over as a popular online tool. The problem most people have with Facebook ads is that it is hard to understand the formula used for delivery. The ad platform has undergone numerous changes and still remains a mystery to many advertisers. There are some that are able to crack the code and are able to generate customers and make a lot of money from it. There are some basics to understanding Facebook ads, and if you understand Google Adwords, then you can master them easily.


The bid is important for both Facebook and Google Adwords. For both platforms, the bid is telling the system how much you want to spend for each click or, in the case of Facebook, for each action. For Facebook, you have three options for the bid: autobidding, manual bidding with a max cap, and manual bidding with a target cost. You have two options for Google Adwords: manual bidding and autobidding. For Facebook, start high to start winning some placements and don’t keep changing the bid. For Adwords, try running some experiments with bidding and know that the autobidding algorithm can sometimes be wrong.

Ad creative

Quality is important on both platforms. On Facebook, the relevance and quality of the ad is important for the user experience. The more relevant the ad to the target audience, the better it will perform. When working on ads, use hooks, and conversational writing to help engage your audience and create a more relevant ad. On Adwords, the quality score is based on your click through rate and landing page relevance, and it shows you how useful your ad is to those searching for your keywords. In order to improve your quality score, try conducting split testing on different ads and keywords. Make sure to group keywords into specific categories, so the landing pages for those keywords are relevant. ‘

Action rate

There are a few additional things you should know. Facebook has an estimated action rate, which is based on the optimization event you choose and determines how likely your target audience is to take the action. Some of the options for this include conversions, clicks, video views, messages, engagement, and app installs. If your campaign is not working as well as you would like, try optimizing for other things like add to cart instead of a sale, in order to get some movement. Adwords also has an optional conversions tracking that will allow you to better optimize your campaign, and this can be done either manually or automatically. Bid higher for keywords that will convert better for your campaigns.

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