AdWords mobile extensions get major upgrades with tappable sitelinks & more visible content

So far in 2017, we’ve seen location extensions for display, automated call extensions, a global rollout of price extensions, and most recently, call extension bid adjustments. Google AdWords extensions are more powerful than ever, and they just got another major mobile upgrade. Mobile sitelinks are becoming interactive, while callouts and structured snippets are gaining more real estate.

Interactive, tappable sitelinks

Today, sitelinks are becoming tappable on mobile, allowing users to scroll further and click through to deeper parts of a site.  This will allow searchers to choose which sitelinks pertain to them, while also diving directly into specific page. Of course, these sitelinks are not automated links, but rather are chosen and crafted by the advertiser.

This will be a big upgrade for sitelinks, as previous mobile versions would regularly see cut-off text, as they simply were not interactive. Giving the power to the searcher to view the sitelinks should be a major win for all sides, Google, advertisers and searchers.

So far, Google has reported early results that show people have been twice as likely to interact with the new formatting of these extensions.

Callouts snippets fall ‘in-line’

Typically, a searcher would find callout and structured snippet extensions underneath an ad. Now these two extensions will be included in-line with the ad copy. According to Google, this will allow more of the callout and snippet text to be displayed.

We’ve seen callouts, and structured snippets in swipable formats in previous tests, but it makes sense to combine into the heart of the ad text. From a uniformity standpoint, these aren’t interactive extensions like a location, sitelink or call extension. They can’t be interacted with, and they shouldn’t appear outside of the ad “paragraph.”

For more information, see the official release on the Inside AdWords blog.

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