Become a Google Analytics guru in 48 hours — for less than $10

For a completely free tool, Google Analytics packs in an amazing amount of data-driven information for anyone with an interest in web traffic stats. Since practically anyone dealing in digital content or online sales should have an acute interest in those numbers, the Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified in 2 Days training course ($9.99 from TNW Deals) is your web traffic bootcamp.

The course is designed for the absolute GA beginner, starting with a full introduction to Google Analytics basics, then exploring how to find and interpret all sorts of user traffic stats. The package by instructor Daragh Walsh includes 25 lectures, plus HD video lessons and dozens of practice questions, all designed to get you fast and reliable information about your visitors.

More than 300,000 students have taken Walsh’s courses — and after employing various site tips and time-saving tactics guaranteed to cut your analysis time by more than half, you’ll understand why his instruction has been so popular.

The course also features active discussion forums, allowing you to interact with Walsh and other students to help you master the material. Walsh promises that with just two days of serious studying, you’ll be ready to take and ace the Google Analytics Certification Exam.

With that industry benchmark on your resume, you’ll be ready to prove your web analytics chops and help lock down any number of job interviews in the digital field.

Two days worth of work and a $9.99 investment can get you up to speed on one of the most valuable web-based tools around. For a nearly $200 course, give it a try for under $10 with this limited time deal.

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