Exciting News from Google Analytics for BigQuery: Now, Stream Data Every 10 Minutes

Analyzing those multiple interactions between large sets of data was made easy by BigQuery. However, you may not think that on days when you wanted multiple streaming of exports and were limited to thrice-a-day only. Right then, call your Big Data and Cloud freaks and dish out a party!

Google Analytics (GA) BigQuery data can now be streamed into Google Cloud after every 10 minutes. All GA 360 clients requiring present-day analysis can opt to send data for action and analysis in near to real-time in BigQuery. What’ fabulous? Do the math. This is a 48x increase in the number of exports allowed before.

What this means to businesses

Marking accounts with higher conversion chances can access some data faster to find and engage those clients. For instance, ‘adding to cart’ is a clear intention to buy, but, at times customers may clear their carts. This is the apt time to offer discounts or special packages to bring them back. For that to happen, data needs to be totally current so that users can be identified at the earliest.

Frequent data updates also accelerate the process of recognizing and fixing challenges quickly and respond to trends appropriately so that conversations aren’t missed. This makes BigQuery significant. It allows you to fix other sets of data from offline/online sales, call centers, and CRM systems, which can’t be obtained in GA. This helps in realizing a better context to issues, trends, and clients.

The combination of data streaming with the robust statistical and programmatic tools of BigQuery enables the capturing of predictive models with a deeper audience understanding who you can engage at a point when they’re most likely to convert. The result – increase in sales opportunities and higher ROIs.

The change and why you need it

When you choose to stream GA data into BigQuery, data will be provided for your preferred BigQuery project within every 10 minutes. For those who don’t make this choice, the previous model of thrice-a-day or once every 8 hours will continue.

The new streaming or exports leverage Cloud Streaming Service, available at just a slightly higher price. So, if you opt for it, chances are the increase may go unnoticed. And, if you don’t, your account specs will remain unchanged, and obviously, no charges will be added.

The data types

Most of the data sent to GA directly is included. Interestingly, data originating from other sources such as DoubleClick and AdWorks termed as ‘integration sources’, will function with supplementary feasibilities like fraud detection. A well-thought delay in this data is carried out for you to get exempted from the new streaming facility.

To get started and receive the new set of periodic data streaming, you can opt-in by visiting the GA BigQuery linking page, going to the Property Admin section, and then choosing the second option of ‘data exported continuously’.

Article source: https://www.martechadvisor.com/news/databases-big-data/exciting-news-from-google-analytics-for-bigquery-now-stream-data-every-10-minutes/

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