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NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Fastbase, Inc. has grown exponentially in the past year, providing industries with in-depth big data analytics to support and streamline marketing and sales initiatives. Fastbase, Inc., a Google Analytics add-on feature, provides value to Google Analytics users by supplying additional web lead information, including visitor LinkedIn profiles and email addresses, an integral component for companies to stay abreast of their website leads and visitor base.

Fastbase, Inc.

Fastbase, Inc.

Utilizing Fastbase, companies can now leverage organizational data analytics to cultivate brand impressions and effectively add to their sales pipelines. According to Jonathan Rosenberg, advisor to Alphabet’s CEO and Co-Founder of Google, Larry Page, the importance of data analytics that Fastbase provides for digital marketing agendas will continue to be an integral skill for marketers, emphasizing that, “data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it well, the samurai.”1 With digital and data driven marketing ever-expanding, Fastbase, Inc. provides an intuitive and cost-effective solution for business owners to easily identify and target their website visitors.

“Fastbase, Inc. adheres to Larry Page’s mantra to ‘always deliver more than expected,'” states Rasmus Refer, Founder and CEO of Fastbase, Inc. “At Fastbase, Inc., we value the information that Google Analytics provides and wanted to complement the service with additional layers of data for our customers to benefit.”

Current Fastbase users vary widely and include some of the world’s most recognized brands, leading online marketing agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Within the next year, Fastbase aims to build new and advanced standards around web analytics to support B2B marketing and lead identification.  Applying advanced algorithms and using the company’s large and fast-growing database, Fastbase will create custom datasets to better identify potential customers for each company.    

Fastbase’s standard “Webleads” package is a free Google Analytics add-on that allows users to analyze basic web traffic and provides information such as the visitor’s website, company address, and phone number. Fastbase’s premium version, priced at $49USD/month, provides significant detail about each visitor including the contact’s name, email address, and displays which pages have been visited and when.  Fastbase continues to research additional benefits and features to support its initiative of providing the best lead identification software in the B2B industry.

About Fastbase Inc.

Fastbase, Inc. builds impactful software for the data-driven marketing industry. This software empowers organizations with insights to improve marketing campaigns and understand website visitor behaviors. Fastbase, Inc. products are easy-to-use and implement and give organizations the ability to engage with potential customers, create new market segments, and ultimately increase sales.

Fastbase is preparing its listing on the AIM London Stock Exchange in Q4 2017. Fastbase will be listed as a high-growth SaaS company with usership increasing monthly at 12%. The listing will be executed through a reverse merger in Q4 2017.


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