Fastbase’s Popular Add-on for Google Analytics Reveals Website Visitor’s Contact Information

NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — How much value is there in knowing exactly who is visiting your website? The answer is a lot because most of your website visitors are potential customers. Additionally, if you know who is visiting your website, you know who is interested in your products and services, giving you the opportunity to tailor your site to attract your most loyal, and profitable, audience.

Google Analytics add-on. Comprehensive insights, including the web visitor's name, email address.
Google Analytics add-on. Comprehensive insights, including the web visitor’s name, email address.

Until now, most businesses have been interacting with only 2% of their website visitors, leaving most leads untouched. As popular digital marketing site, ActiveBlogs emphasizes, “what you don’t know about your website visitors hurts your bottom line.”  To solve this problem, Fastbase, Inc., has developed Webleads, a popular add-on for Google Analytics, that shows businesses not only the companies that are visiting their websites but displays their contact information as well. Fastbase, Inc. has access to the world’s most comprehensive database of businesses providing business owners with valuable information that they can use in their day-to-day sales and marketing activities.

In just one click and without having to install additional software, Google Analytics users can instantly access their Webleads to view all the companies that have interacted with their website for the past 90 days. Fastbase, Inc.’s Webleads Google Analytics add-on makes it easy for businesses to contact their website leads by providing the lead’s contact name and email address, helping businesses convert once anonymous website leads into actual paying customers.

Fastbase’s Webleads standard package is free for Google Analytics users and provides basic web traffic information including all visiting websites, company addresses, and phone numbers for the past 90 days, all downloadable to Excel or CSV format. Webleads also offers a premium version, priced at $29USD/month, that shows more comprehensive insights, including the web visitor’s name, email address, and even displays which pages have been visited and when. The Fastbase, Inc. Webleads web app for Google Analytics is the best choice on the market for companies interested in turning website leads into customers.

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