Going local? Tweak your SEO!

Local search engine optimisation can be a real boon for a small business. The internet is a big place, and it’s easy to get lost, particularly if you’re a simple retailer from Merseyside. With local SEO, smallness doesn’t have to mean a lack of success in the SERPs. To achieve that success, though, you need an optimisation plan that is a little bit different from the norm.

Local SEO is not mainstream SEO. Its aims are slightly different, as are its target audiences. The usual SEO strategies must be changed accordingly. Here are some tweaks:

*Attention to detail. The success of a local site rests on a hundred tiny details, such as the quality of a single consumer review or presence in the right local listings. Start thinking micro if you want your local site to win out.

*Landing page optimisation. Real-world addresses are important in local search engine optimisation. They’re almost at the level of keywords. In regular SEO you would optimise a landing page for the keyword and your conversion funnel. In local SEO, adding your contact details to a landing page reassures site users and Google they’re on the right page.

*Competitor scrutiny. Local search is a small world, which means your competitors are much closer. If a competitor closes down, make sure their place page and directory listings are cleared to make way for you.

While it’s possible to include some local SEO in a regular search engine optimisation plan, it’s important to recognise when a site requires specific local SEO tactics.

Article source: http://www.stuckon.co.uk/going-local-tweak-your-seo-4275.html

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