Google Analytics for Firebase audiences are now dynamic

Google this week launched dynamic audiences in Google Analytics for Firebase, Google’s app analytics solution. Advertisers could already create audiences around events, device type, and other dimensions, but the audiences were not dynamic.

With the update, audiences are now dynamic by default. According to Google, this means Analytics will automatically include users as soon as they meet the criteria, and automatically exclude users when they no longer do. This allows advertisers to “set and forget” the audiences while they populate, without the hassle of constantly re-evaluating them.

Steve Ganem, Product Manager Google Analytics for Firebase, at Google, wrote that audiences can be more precisely defined by adding exclusion criteria. For example, advertisers can create a list of users that added an item to a shopping cart and of those users, excluding those who have also made a purchase.

Audiences can also now include a membership time frame, such as “users that have converted in the last 30 days,” so your audiences and messaging remain fresh and timely.

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