Google gives ‘rush’ to gamers with Zerg

What a rush!

Google has hidden a new Easter Egg on its homepage that’s bound to get gaming geeks hyped.

Type the words “zerg rush” into the search bar on the site and you’ll see your search result on what seems like a normal page — until the “O”s from the Google logo start multiplying and “attack” the list of links and images until the page is eviscerated.

The hidden gem is Google’s geeky nod to the computer game “Starcraft.” Zerg is the name of one of the alien races in the space strategy game and “Zerg Rush” is a move that players use to win that game.

“For n00bs who aren’t as familiar with real-time strategy games, there’s been a zerg rush on your search results page,” a spokeswoman for Google tells, “Because there should always be time to practice your gaming skills, click on the zerg units to defend the results page and try not to get pwned. Then you can share your APM score on Google+. GLHF!”

The move is so widely known that it is used as a verb by many online gamers. “To Zerg” means to overwhelm an enemy with sheer force to win a match.

In the Google Easter Egg, the “O”s forms into two “G”s once the player has invariably lost — online gamer short hand for “good game.”

Originally released in 1998, Starcraft is still widely played today. The Zerg is described as one of two hostile alien races that the human Terran Dominion faces, according to a description of the game by maker Blizzard Entertainment.

This is not the first time Google has produced an Easter Egg that highlights gamer culture.

Typing in “do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” in the search box will cause the page to rotate 360 degrees, a nod to the Nintendo video game Star Fox 64.

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